I have to won­der if I’m get­ting hypo­glycemic or some­thing. I’m real­ly bad about for­get­ting to eat, and have had two hor­ri­ble headaches in the last few days due to going too long (but not an unusu­al amount of time…

Growing Up

I think my baby just offi­cial­ly became a teenag­er. Yes, she’s just 11. But we can’t go run errands yet (and we have sev­er­al things to do before archery prac­tice) because she’s blow-dry­ing and curl­ing her hair. I think I’ll hide…


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sam­bear brought home this cool switch thing. It can take four audio video/inputs to two out­puts. I grabbed the first thing that came to hand to test the phono input—Daddy’s Sounds of Marine Corps Boot Camp. Now there’s a new…

Damned Evil Fairies

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Okay, dammit, who has my RCA to mini adapter din­gus? I have­ta have it to run the line back from the head­phone jack on the stereo to the input jack on the PC. Cur­rent Mood: geeky

Musical Memories

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Oh wow. I’m lis­ten­ing to the B‑52s Wild Plan­et album. The actu­al album. Like, on vinyl. One of the things unearthed in my par­ents’ base­ment this week­end was the first stereo I had when I was about 11. I bought it…

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