Neat Resource!

I was brows­ing through a mag­a­zine about writ­ing today and came across an arti­cle about online writ­ing labs (OWLs), sug­gest­ing that writ­ers make use of them as ref­er­ence tools. I was dis­tract­ed, though, by this: Ink, “A Free, Mul­ti­play­er, Online Game for Writ­ing & Com­mu­ni­ty.” Imag­ine that you’re surf­ing the Web and you dis­cov­er a site […]

Feed for Steve Jackson Games Site

I know that sam­bear likes to read some of the news sources from Steve Jack­son Games when he has time to do so. Now it’ll be eas­i­er, as they’re avail­able as RSS feeds. I would be sur­prised if some­one has­n’t already cre­at­ed LJ accounts for them. (Thanks to perverse_access) Edit: The Dai­ly Illu­mi­na­tor is sjgames

The Ungame

sam­bear’s tum­my is unhappy—probably due to his new meds. That meant that we did­n’t get to go to what should have been shad­owkatt’s first Wing Chun class. Boo. We did, how­ev­er, have a good fam­i­ly check-in time, fol­lowed by an hour or so of The Ungame. I learned that shad­owkatt and her friend C had […]

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