The Word of God Pattern

Please note: This is the first draft of the pat­tern. I’m in the process of actu­al­ly stitch­ing it. I’ve already made some cor­rec­tions and will like­ly make more before I’m done.

This piece was inspired by the song “The Word of God” by Cather­ine Faber, as record­ed by Echo’s Chil­dren on the CD Under the Grip­ping Beast. The lyrics of the first verse are used with Ms. Faber’s per­mis­sion. I can­not rec­om­mend the song or the group strong­ly enough. 

The piece was designed as a Yule gift for a friend. 


Creative Commons License - Some Rights Reserved

First verse of the song The Word of God with an ammonite and a DNA border The Word of God PDF
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