Celtic Blessings Sampler

Celtic Blessings Sampler II

I fell in love with one of Vick­ey Brick­le-Mack­y’s designs, the Celtic Bless­ings Sam­pler II, when I met her at a local fair. I’m doing it on pink­ish linen (I think Zweigart calls it “apple blos­som”) rather than the mossy green she calls for in the design. The design uses a lot of the Caron Wild­flow­ers line, as well as DMC’s flower thread. The shad­ing you get with them real­ly makes the design much more attrac­tive than it looks on paper! That’s my excuse for includ­ing the close-up of the detail in the let­ter­ing. As you can see from the pic­ture on the left, I’ve got­ten most of the let­ter­ing and a lit­tle of the top bor­der done. The fin­ished piece will have a lot more bor­der on top and bottom.

Blessings Detail

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