Works in Progress

I always have sev­er­al projects in progress. These are some of my WIPs. I gave up stitch­ing in favor of knit­ting for a few years, so these have lan­guished. I was hav­ing trou­ble see­ing well enough to stitch, but now my vision has changed to the point where I can see the details fine if I just take off my bifo­cals. I can’t see any­thing else at that point, but I can see my stitching! 

Heart of Roses

I suc­cess­ful­ly rehomed one of my WIPs! I start­ed Heart of Ros­es from Coun­try Cross-Stitch for my sis­ter back when it was suit­able for the house she shared with her first hus­band. It isn’t her style now. But Christi­na liked it, so now it’s her WIP! 

I have oth­er WIPs, but I don’t have pho­tos of them at the moment. I’m try­ing to work through all of them as part of my declut­ter­ing project, though, so hope­ful­ly, I’ll be able to add them to the Fin­ished Projects page before too long. Here’s a bit about most of them, I think. 

  • A long time ago, I start­ed stitch­ing a sim­ple bal­le­ri­na piece designed to fit on a switch plate from Fond Mem­o­ries for Katie. It does­n’t fit her style now that she’s grown. It might suit my danc­ing grand­daugh­ter, though!
  • I have one silk gauze piece in progress. I need to get a pic­ture of it.
  • Final­ly, I have two dif­fer­ent series of Yule orna­ments in progress. One is all kit­tens, the oth­er is polar bears.

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