Works in Progress

I always have sev­er­al projects in progress. These are some of my WIPs. Some of them are so old that they almost count as aban­doned projects, but I do intend to fin­ish them.

I’m fin­ish­ing anoth­er two sets of hot­plates like the ones I made for my par­ents in 2004. I used the “Tid­ings of Joy” pat­terns from the Leisure Arts book Some­thing for Every Sea­son. Three hotplates
I feel in love with Deep Peace from For­get-Me-Nots in Stitch­es the first time I saw it. Sam and two oth­er dear peo­ple sur­prised me with the mate­ri­als for it as a birth­day present. It’s a joy to work on it.
I’m sure I’ll fin­ish the Tri-Puz­zle from Y‑Knot Designs by Deb Davis. I don’t know when, but I’ll fin­ish it. It’s very small, so it should­n’t take too long. TriKnot
What's Your Sign, Baby? A Witch­es Stitch­es pat­tern, What’s Your Sign, Baby? for Rhi­an­na Nix­ie, who was born in April 2002. I’m afraid I’ve pro­cras­ti­nat­ed real­ly bad­ly about fin­ish­ing this one, but I’m doing it! Real­ly! See?
This light­house was begun for my first hus­band, Scott. We divorced in 1987, and it’s been fold­ed in var­i­ous draw­ers and box­es since then (hence that crease, and I don’t know if it’ll come out). Yes, I’ve still got the book. It was a Pat & Glo­ria design. I’d just about decid­ed to dump it when Sam said that he liked it, so I sup­pose I will fin­ish it after all. Lighthouse
Celtic Blessings Sampler II I fell in love with one of Vick­ey Brick­le-Mack­y’s designs, the Celtic Bless­ings Sam­pler II, when I met her at a local fair. I’m doing it on a pink­ish linen (I think Zweigart calls it “apple blos­som”) rather than the mossy green she calls for in the design, which I like more with the col­ors in the threads. The design uses a lot of the Caron Wild­flow­ers line, as well as DMCs flower thread. The shad­ing you get with them real­ly makes the design much more than it looks like on paper! That’s my excuse for includ­ing the close-up of the detail in the let­ter­ing. As you can see from the pic­ture on the left, I’ve got­ten most of the let­ter­ing and a lit­tle of the top bor­der done. The fin­ished piece will have a lot more bor­der on top and bot­tom. Blessings Detail
Heart of Roses I start­ed Heart of Ros­es from Coun­try Cross-Stitch for my sis­ter back when it was suit­able for the house she shared with her first hus­band, and it isn’t her style now. Or any­one’s that I’m close to, now that I think about it. It isn’t ter­ri­bly far along, so I might rip out the stitch­es I’ve done and use that huge piece of fab­ric for some­thing else-unless some­one I know wants to take it on for them­selves, of course.

I have oth­er WIPs, but I don’t have pho­tos of them at the moment. I’m try­ing to work through all of them as part of my declut­ter­ing project, though, so hope­ful­ly I’ll be able to add them to the Fin­ished Projects page before too long. Here’s a bit about most of them, I think.

  • A long time ago I start­ed stitch­ing a sim­ple bal­le­ri­na piece designed to fit on a switch­plate from Fond Mem­o­ries for Katie. It does­n’t hon­est­ly fit her style now — she’s much more of a goth chick than a tra­di­tion­al girly-girl. She is still a dancer, though, so I guess I should ask her about it.
  • I did a very lit­tle work on Celtic Christ­mas by Mar­i­lyn Leav­itt-Imblum six or sev­en years ago, got bored, and put it away. And there it still is, wait­ing. I like the piece, but I’m not sure I like it enough to fin­ish it. The odd-col­ored fab­ric isn’t real­ly use­ful for any­thing else I’m like­ly to do, so I may give this one to some­one who would fin­ish it.
  • I have one silk gauze piece in progress. I need to get a pic­ture of it.
  • Final­ly, I have two dif­fer­ent series of Yule orna­ments in progress. One is all kit­tens, the oth­er is polar bears.

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