Sites for Music Lovers

  • is a wonderful place to keep up with artists you know you like and to discover new ones. The scrobbling feature works with many devices and programs to track the music you listen to if you want to share that information with friends (and see what they listen to).
  • Pandora is another way to discover great music. Enter the names of some artists you like, and it’ll create a radio station that plays those artists and similar ones you’ll love.
  • Noisetrade is the place to download totally free, legal music from up-and-coming artists. There’s no junk here—it’s all good stuff, and you can find everything from folk to hip-hop to alternative to metal and gospel.
  • If you don’t have a Spotify account yet, go open one now. You can get a free account, but if you have a smartphone you’ll probably be tempted into the premium account before long, and it’s definitely worthwhile. Their music library is incredible. The only songs I haven’t found there when I’ve searched have been filk (a regrettable omission, and one I have suggested that they rectify). You can share your playlists with others and even store your own music on their servers for listening without taking up all the space on your mobile device.
  • Are you old enough to remember mix tapes? Then you might enjoy Tell them what you feel like hearing
  • I’ve always had a soft spot for a cappella music, so I was absolutely delighted to find the Contemporary A Cappella Society’s web page and Primarily A Capella, a wonderful catalog!
  • Need to look up an artist, album, or song? you need AllMusic.
  • MusicBrainz is the very best publicly available source of music metadata.
  • Discogs claims to be the largest and most accurate music database.
  • The Best of NPR Live offers free downloads of some great music.
  • Do you enjoy Celtic music? Check out Thistle and Shamrock.
  • I love lullabies so much that I may end up making a page about them—but there’s an incredible resource for Lullabies and Other Kids’ Songs already out there.
  • Can’t remember the words to that song? Try Digital Tradition.

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