Resources for People of Size

If you’re look­ing for any­thing relat­ed to size accep­tance, you need to read the great lists that Stef Jones 1 main­tains.

I fig­ure that every­body knows about the big stores for plus-sized men and women, so I won’t both­er to men­tion them. I don’t know if every­body has found stores like Holy Cloth­ing, who make com­fy clothes in a huge range of size that feel won­der­ful and fit very nice­ly. (My sole gripe: I’ve only found one style that has pock­ets! Give me pock­ets, peo­ple!) They’re prob­a­bly list­ed on most of the FAQs, but I’ve had such a love­ly expe­ri­ence with their clothes that I had to men­tion them.

There is (or was, I need to call and make sure they’re still there) a plus-sized con­sign­ment shop up in Roswell that had beau­ti­ful clothes when I last vis­it­ed. You can call Refin­ery Plus Size Con­sign­ment at 770–640-7587 to get direc­tions to the new store. They did have every­thing from jeans to win­ter coats to fan­cy evening dress­es to beau­ti­ful lin­gerie (I’m talk­ing about hon­ey­moon-type stuff) when I was over there. They car­ry sizes 14W through 8X.

For leather cloth­ing, call Lar­ry Doo­ley of War­lord at 404–315-9000. His wife is a BBW, and if you look through the pho­tographs show­ing some of his designs you’ll see her mod­el­ing many of them. He only does cus­tom (and very nice!) work and is very sup­port­ive of plus-sized peo­ple. He’s very attuned to mak­ing the right thing for your par­tic­u­lar shape and personality—nothing is “stan­dard” there.

I don’t know if this site is in the FAQs. While I was preg­nant I found it even more dif­fi­cult than usu­al to find nice clothes, because many mater­ni­ty stores did­n’t car­ry plus sizes. I wish I’d had access to the Plus-Size Preg­nan­cy web site back then!

In Print

I tru­ly enjoyed Lynne Mur­ray’s mys­tery books fea­tur­ing plus-sized hero­ine Jo Fuller, Larg­er Than Death, Large Tar­get, At Large, and A Ton of Trou­ble. While I have been prac­tic­ing size accep­tance for sev­er­al years now, Jo Fuller is the first fic­tion­al char­ac­ter I’ve encoun­tered who tru­ly does the same, and the dia­logue between the Jo and all the peo­ple push­ing diets at her real­ly rang true for me.

Cover of Such a Pretty Face by Doug BeekmanShort­ly after read­ing Mur­ray’s books, I ran across Such a Pret­ty Face while brows­ing the shelves of the Sci­ence Fic­tion & Mys­tery Book­shop in Atlanta. Doug Beek­man’s cov­er caught my atten­tion immediately—it’s beau­ti­ful! Then I saw that it was edit­ed by Lee Mar­tin­dale, some­one I remem­bered encoun­ter­ing (and respect­ing) in the size accep­tance news­groups. At that point I prob­a­bly would have bought it no mat­ter what, but the theme of the anthol­o­gy cinched it—every sto­ry fea­tures a per­son of size. I fin­ished it with­in 48 hours of get­ting it, and it was won­der­ful. As usu­al with any anthol­o­gy, I enjoyed some pieces more than oth­ers. I think Demon Bone by Tere­sa Noelle Roberts had to be my favorite sto­ry. The poem Fat Is Not A Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen and Eliz­a­beth Ann Scar­bor­ough’s tale Worse Than The Curse were awful­ly good, though. Paula L. Flem­ing’s Poly­for­mus Per­fec­tus left me wish­ing it were the begin­ning of a nov­el rather than a short sto­ry.

One of the rea­sons I kept putting off updat­ing this sec­tion of my site is that I just did­n’t want to remove the para­graph about Radi­ance, which was one of my very favorite pub­li­ca­tions ever. I’m still ter­ri­bly dis­ap­point­ed about it going out of busi­ness, and I know it was­n’t my fault because I sub­scribed from almost the very moment I learned of its exis­tence and bought sub­scrip­tions for a few oth­er peo­ple. It cov­ered so much more than fash­ion! One of the many delight­ful things about Charis Books, Lit­tle Five Points (here in Atlanta) was that they could be count­ed on to have copies of Radi­ance, at least until they sold out.

Charis still car­ries New Moon which isn’t specif­i­cal­ly a pub­li­ca­tion about size accep­tance, but encour­ing girls to devel­op pos­i­tive, healthy body images is one of the things they do. Our girls loved the mag­a­zine until they out­grew it. I’m look­ing for­ward to buy­ing a sub­scrip­tion for my lit­tle niece as soon as she’s old enough for it.

Teen Voic­es is a pub­li­ca­tion by, for about about teenaged girls. It’s a lot like New Moon except that it’s for a slight­ly old­er audi­ence and is a lot edgi­er. My girl has pret­ty much out­grown it, too, now, which makes me sad. (I no longer have an excuse for read­ing it!) Charis usu­al­ly has it too!

Final­ly, I absolute­ly love the Bar­bar­ian Guide to Diet and Exer­cise.

1 Not sure if her name is up to date?

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  1. Michael AC McCormick Says:
    April 14th, 2017 at 12:25 am

    Lar­ry Doo­ley of War­lord is now deceased.

  2. Cyn Says:
    April 14th, 2017 at 9:29 am

    I’m so sor­ry to hear that. Is any­one keep­ing the busi­ness going?

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