I love words—everything about them. Their sounds, his­to­ry, the way they change mean­ing over time, you name it. Out of that love grew my ado­ra­tion for just the right words put togeth­er in just the right way, which led to col­lect­ing quotations. 

I had over 13,000 quotes in my data­base here and lost them (prob­a­bly in a serv­er move). I’m try­ing not to think too much about that oth­er than being hap­py that. I’ve got thou­sands more stored else­where, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get them back onto the site. 

I’ve con­sid­ered try­ing to devel­op my own quo­ta­tions appli­ca­tion to track my col­lec­tion. It may be what final­ly dri­ves me into pro­gram­ming. If any­one knows of a good prod­uct that already exists to do that, I’d be tick­led to know about it. The ide­al appli­ca­tion would have a mobile app to go with it, so the user could look up or add quo­ta­tions on the go. 

For oth­er quote freaks like me, here are a few links to quo­ta­tion sites, and some alter­nate ways to access my lit­tle collection. 

My collection

Other Sites

Other Sites of Interest

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