Live Music in Atlanta

For many years now (since the late ’80s) my very favorite place to hear live music in Atlanta has been Fiddler’s Green Coffeehouse, sponsored by the Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music. It used to be held in a wonderful little cabin in the woods, hidden in the heart of Buckhead. Unfortunately, the cabin burned down. Happily, the AAFM found a new venue. The coffeehouse remains a great place for those who are more interested in really hearing good acoustic music rather than getting drunk or partying.

I used to really like Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, but Eddie isn’t there any more and the place is highly inaccessible to anyone who has trouble with stairs. Eddie is now with the Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth.

Rick and I visited Lena’s Place Coffeehouse a few months back. I like the venue, but one of the two acts we saw was dreadful. I guess when you’ve been around since 1984 you’re bound to have hosted a dud of two.

The Hungry Ear Coffeehouse is one I haven’t visited yet. I’ve heard wonderful things about them, though.

I’m not one to go to larger venues because I don’t like crowds. Variety Playhouse is right at the upper limit of what I can tolerate, but some acts are worth the discomfort.

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