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I don’t have pictures of all the projects I’ve done—I wish I did! I gave most of them away as gifts. I’m working on getting images of those gifted to my immediate family members, but I gave some of them to former in-laws or ex-SOs with whom I am not in touch. If you’ve ever received a stitched piece from me and want to send me a photograph of it, I’d be most grateful!

I have a terrible habit of not framing any of the pieces I keep for myself. I just never get around to spending the money, so they all sit around in storage. Of course, the absolute joy is in making them, but it would be nice to display them someday. They will take up a lot of wall space when I do!

Lines of blackwork stitches in a rainbow of colors

I took many of these pictures using a borrowed and new-to-me digital camera or a dinky old webcam. I laid the pieces on a very dark brown wood dresser. I didn’t have the best lighting for most of them, either. They weren’t all lying completely flat because e I hadn’t framed them yet. But darn it, I finally have some pictures!

This page was taking a long time to load, and it was completely inaccessible for mobile users, so I’ve had to split everything up into separate pages.

I don’t have photos of the following pieces, but I do have images from the design books so that you can get an idea of how they looked. I’d much prefer having photos of what I did, and if I can get them I will add them.

I don’t have any kind of image for the following projects, but of course I’d like to have some if any of the owners ever happen across this site.

  • In December 2001 I did two other Dragon Dreams designs – Those Who Teach for my sister, and Guide the Hands for my brother. I know I got pictures of them and I can’t find them!
  • I did at least three small Mill Hill beaded and stitched pins, given to Mom, Katie, and a friend’s ex-wife. I’ve also done lots and lots of small Christmas ornaments over the years. I think my brother has an entire set of Mill Hill beaded teddy-bear ornaments I made for him when he first got out on his own.
  • I did a wedding sampler for my sister and her husband when they married in 1999. She also has a small paperweight I did with a rainbow on it and a larger piece with her name and rainbows. She had actually started that last one herself and lasted all of maybe 30 minutes before she decided that cross-stitch was not for her.
  • I know I’ve done one piece about skiing for my brother. I thought there was something else, but my memory is failing me.
  • My first husband has a silly little plastic canvas (I think) piece that I did as a gift for his graduation in June 1983. I made stockings and a tree skirt for Scott and me, but they’re long gone. I used some of Dale Burdett’s teddy bear designs and variations thereof.
  • Madame Gustafson, one of my French teachers from high school, had a rose and lattice piece that I did from the Hearts and Rainbows leaflet from Bette Ashley Designs.

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