Artists Who Bring the Visions Into Reality

I cannot draw recognizable stick figures, so I’m completely in awe of people who can make something wholly imaginary look utterly believable. There are so many marvelous artists working with fantastic images—some based on characters from stories or myths, some doing completely original work.

Two angels, one blowing a bubble gum bubble
Impudence by Carl Lundgren hangs in my office. The girls are quite the attention-getter. I love No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service and it is now in my dining room!. Katie’s father and I ran across Lundgren’s work at a Rennaissance Festival many years ago—around 1989?—and as soon as I found it I got a copy of his book, Great Artist. I met him at Dragon Con several years back, and he kindly signed the book for me. Unfortunately, the book was severely water-damaged during a move (it’s been several years now and I’m still unhappy).

A cat in profile with the face of a woman, wearing an Egyptian-style headdressI’ve put out the word at every store I’ve seen carrying Susan Seddon Boulet’s work that I want a poster of her painting of Bast, but I’m starting to think that particular one isn’t available as a poster. I might have to buy a second copy of The Goddess Paintings, cut out the color plate and frame that.

Katie and I met Susan Van Camp in the dealer room at Dragon Con years ago. We fell in love with her winged kitties. In fact, we found that a t-shirt Katie already had and loved featured one of Ms. Van Camp’s designs. Katie has several of her prints now and we would like to have the rest of the winged cat series. Unfortunately, the artist’s website seems to be gone and I cannot find a source for the prints.

Dragonknot by Stephanie Pui-Mun LawStephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Dragonknot means a lot to me. It was part of my first D&D game and I’m trying to buy a print of it.

I have two prints from Lucy Synk’s "Shelf of…" series, and want the third.

A small, green and gold dragon looking at a laptop screen with a hole burned in the middle of it by his flame

Randall Spangler paints the most darling, mischievous little dragons (called “Draglings”) and I adore them.

A jet-black cat with iridescent wings wearing a gold colar with a topaz gem

I was gifted a lovely “flap cat” figurine by M. Peña, but it disappeared at some point in the last few years. Someday I’ll have another!

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  1. Were you aware that the models he in the impudence painting were his daughter Cara (foreground) and her friend Rachel? Rachel (Nagy) was the singer for the band The Detroit Cobras, and she just recently passed away.

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