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Artists Who Bring the Visions Into Reality

I can­not draw rec­og­niz­able stick fig­ures, so I’m com­plete­ly in awe of peo­ple who can make some­thing whol­ly imag­i­nary look utter­ly believ­able. There are so many mar­velous artists work­ing with fan­tas­tic images—some based on char­ac­ters from sto­ries or myths, some doing com­plete­ly orig­i­nal work.

I hope to have one of Carl Lund­gren’s prints some­time soon. I love Impu­dence, and would be tick­led to hang No Shirt, No Shoes, No Ser­vice in my kitchen. Katie’s father and I ran across his work at a Ren­nais­sance Fes­ti­val many years ago—around 1989?—and as soon as I found it I got a copy of his book, Great Artist.
I met him at Drag­on Con sev­er­al years back, and he kind­ly signed the book for me. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the book was severe­ly water-dam­aged dur­ing a move (it’s been sev­er­al years now and I’m still upset over it).

I’ve put out the word at every store I’ve seen car­ry­ing Susan Sed­don Boulet’s work that I want a poster of her paint­ing of Bast, but I’m start­ing to think that par­tic­u­lar one isn’t avail­able as a poster. I might have to buy a sec­ond copy of The God­dess Paint­ings, cut out the col­or plate and frame that.


Katie and I met Susan Van Camp in the deal­er room at Drag­on Con sev­er­al years ago. We fell in love with her winged kitties—and, in fact, found that a t‑shirt Katie already had fea­tured one of Ms. Van Cam­p’s designs. We have sev­er­al of her prints now and would love to have the rest of the winged cat series.

I have two prints from Lucy Synk’s “Shelf of…” series, and want the third.

I have a cou­ple of small Ran­dall Span­gler pieces and would hap­pi­ly dis­play just about any­thing he’s done in my home. I real­ly love the mis­chevi­ous lit­tle drag­ons.

Before I ran across Boulet’s cal­en­dars, I used to get
Boris Valle­jo’s
Mythol­o­gy cal­en­dars each year. They’re beau­ti­ful! I had to laugh, though, when sev­er­al vis­i­tors to our home assumed that because many of the women in Valle­jo’s work are scant­i­ly (if at all) clad, the cal­en­dars must have belonged to my hus­band, and asked if I did­n’t mind them hang­ing in our home office!

Any book with a Lar­ry Elmore cov­er tends to catch my eye—and for some rea­son, I tend to like most of the authors for whom he’s done cov­ers.

Michael Whe­lan is prob­a­bly one of the best-known of artists doing SF&F cov­ers. His fine art work is even more impres­sive, though.

Sam gave me one of M. Peña’s love­ly flap cat fig­urines as a gift recent­ly, and I love it. Of course, now I want more of them!

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Last updat­ed July 10, 2003