Artists Who Bring the Visions Into Reality

I can­not draw rec­og­niz­able stick fig­ures, so I’m com­plete­ly in awe of peo­ple who can make some­thing whol­ly imag­i­nary look utter­ly believ­able. There are so many mar­velous artists work­ing with fan­tas­tic images—some based on char­ac­ters from sto­ries or myths, some doing com­plete­ly orig­i­nal work. 

Two angels, one blowing a bubble gum bubble
Impu­dence by Carl Lund­gren hangs in my office. The girls are quite the atten­tion-get­ter. I love No Shirt, No Shoes, No Ser­vice and it is now in my din­ing room!. Katie’s father and I ran across Lund­gren’s work at a Ren­nais­sance Fes­ti­val many years ago—around 1989?—and as soon as I found it I got a copy of his book, Great Artist. I met him at Drag­on Con sev­er­al years back, and he kind­ly signed the book for me. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the book was severe­ly water-dam­aged dur­ing a move (it’s been sev­er­al years now and I’m still unhappy).

A cat in profile with the face of a woman, wearing an Egyptian-style headdressI’ve put out the word at every store I’ve seen car­ry­ing Susan Sed­don Boulet’s work that I want a poster of her paint­ing of Bast, but I’m start­ing to think that par­tic­u­lar one isn’t avail­able as a poster. I might have to buy a sec­ond copy of The God­dess Paint­ings, cut out the col­or plate and frame that.

Katie and I met Susan Van Camp in the deal­er room at Drag­on Con years ago. We fell in love with her winged kit­ties. In fact, we found that a t‑shirt Katie already had and loved fea­tured one of Ms. Van Cam­p’s designs. Katie has sev­er­al of her prints now and we would like to have the rest of the winged cat series. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the artist’s web­site seems to be gone and I can­not find a source for the prints.

Dragonknot by Stephanie Pui-Mun LawStephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Drag­onknot means a lot to me. It was part of my first D&D game and I’m try­ing to buy a print of it. 

I have two prints from Lucy Synk’s “Shelf of…” series, and want the third.

A small, green and gold dragon looking at a laptop screen with a hole burned in the middle of it by his flame

Ran­dall Span­gler paints the most dar­ling, mis­chie­vous lit­tle drag­ons (called “Draglings”) and I adore them. 

A jet-black cat with iridescent wings wearing a gold colar with a topaz gem

I was gift­ed a love­ly “flap cat” fig­urine by M. Peña, but it dis­ap­peared at some point in the last few years. Some­day I’ll have another!

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  1. Were you aware that the mod­els he in the impu­dence paint­ing were his daugh­ter Cara (fore­ground) and her friend Rachel? Rachel (Nagy) was the singer for the band The Detroit Cobras, and she just recent­ly passed away.

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