Just for Me

There are some things that I do just because I love doing them. There’s not necessarily any greater value to them or anything – they’re just for me.

"Certainly work is not always required of a man. There is such a thing as a sacred idleness—the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected." — George Macdonald
  • I stitch—nothing useful, purely decorative counted-thread needlework. I don’t have anything against useful sewing, but I’ve never learned to do more than sew on buttons. I keep meaning to learn. Really. I will someday.
  • I’ve designed a few patterns on my own.
  • I finally learned to knit! But I haven’t put photos of that stuff here quite yet. They’re living on Ravelry – I’m TechnoMom there, of course.
  • I love music. I’ve never been much of a spectator about anything, so I prefer actually participating in making music to just listening to it. Elise Witt, who talks about reclaiming music as something people make instead of something that’s bought and sold, is one of my heras.
  • I read a lot—books, magazines, newspapers, websites, whatever. My mother looked at the bookshelves in my house once and said "Have you really read all of these books?"
  • I’ve loved science fiction and fantasy as long as I can remember—books, movies, TV, even music and art.
  • And I write. I’ve been paid for writing in the past, but I do it for pleasure now. Most of my current work is on this website or my professional portfolio.

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