Web Sites for Readers

As if the web itself isn’t seductive enough to those of us who love words, there are innumerable sites devoted to readers. Some are catalogs or online bookstores, and some have information and reviews about books and authors (sometimes even full texts available for downloading).

General Sites

  • What Should I Read Next? answers that question very nicely.
  • Project Gutenberg has many free ebooks in various formats.
  • MobileRead is a wonderful site for anybody who uses ereaders.
  • WorldCat, linking the world’s library catalogs together
  • Bookwire is probably familiar to everyone too, but I’m listing it in case there’s someone who hasn’t heard of it yet.
  • The Online Books Page
  • Science Fiction Poetry Association
  • Fantastic Fiction
  • FictionDB is a great place for finding series lists or all the books by a particular author
  • LibraryThing is one place for creating an online catalog of your own books
  • StoryGraph is a GoodReads alternative that’s new and not owned by Amazon
  • You can also make a catalog of your own books at Goodreads, as well as posting and reading reviews

Catalogs & Online Bookstores

  • If you’re looking for an audiobook, Audible probably has it!
  • Indiebound
  • Smashwords
  • Firebird is a great catalog, especially if you’re a fan of Mercedes Lackey.
  • Powells is a Portland, Oregon bookstore that sells new and used books via the web. If you visit Portland, make sure to go see the place. It’s amazing!
  • Chirp Audiobooks doesn’t charge a membership fee. You just purchase the books you want.

Software for Readers

  • Calibre is a must for anyone who reads ebooks.
  • Readerware is great software for cataloguing your book, music, and video collections.

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