Web Sites for Readers

As if the web itself isn’t seduc­tive enough to those of us who love words, there are innu­mer­able sites devot­ed to read­ers. Some are cat­a­logs or online book­stores, and some have infor­ma­tion and reviews about books and authors (some­times even full texts avail­able for downloading).

General Sites

Catalogs & Online Bookstores

  • If you’re look­ing for an audio­book, Audi­ble prob­a­bly has it!
  • Indiebound
  • Smash­words
  • Fire­bird is a great cat­a­log, espe­cial­ly if you’re a fan of Mer­cedes Lack­ey.
  • Pow­ells is a Port­land, Ore­gon book­store that sells new and used books via the web. If you vis­it Port­land, make sure to go see the place. It’s amazing!
  • Chirp Audio­books does­n’t charge a mem­ber­ship fee. You just pur­chase the books you want.

Software for Readers

  • Cal­i­bre is a must for any­one who reads ebooks.
  • Read­er­ware is great soft­ware for cat­a­logu­ing your book, music, and video collections.

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