Recommended Reading

I haven’t cho­sen to include every­thing I’ve ever read on these top­ics, just the most recent and rel­e­vant books.

More Than Two: A prac­ti­cal guide to eth­i­cal polyamory by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rick­ert is the most recent book I’ve read, and the most impor­tant, on rela­tion­ships. I think that the skills cov­ered are vital for any­one engag­ing in any type of inti­mate rela­tion­ship, be it monog­a­mous or polyamorous. I’m a bit biased regard­ing this one, as I was a Kick­starter sup­port­er before the book was even released—but I think it has more than lived up to its promise. 

Rad­i­cal Hon­esty by Brad Blan­ton is a vital read for any­one inter­est­ed in devel­op­ing and main­tain­ing the deep­est pos­si­ble lev­el of inti­ma­cy in relationship.

Open­ing Up: A Guide to Cre­at­ing and Sus­tain­ing Open Rela­tion­ships by Tris­tan Taormi­no is a great book on open rela­tion­ships. I found it to be much bet­ter than I had expect­ed. The appen­dices, in par­tic­u­lar, are full of valu­able information. 

Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Mod­ern Rela­tion­ships by Christo­pher Ryan and Cacil­da Jethá is one of the best books I’ve read on the anthro­pol­o­gy of relationships.

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