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I exper­i­ment­ed with pub­lish­ing arti­cles at Themestream, and enjoyed the feed­back I received about them. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it’s gone, and I haven’t seen a sim­i­lar site that’s real­ly worth the trou­ble. So most of the arti­cles I’d pub­lished there are avail­able here now, along with some I nev­er got around to releas­ing there and some that were on my web site a long time ago but haven’t been avail­able late­ly.

These arti­cles are some­times sim­i­lar to diary entries. Some­times they exist sole­ly so that I can blow off steam. Some­times they exist to edu­cate peo­ple. There are no great thoughts here, no chap­ters of the Great Amer­i­can Nov­el (I am one of the three known authors who are not try­ing to write it), noth­ing like that. Just an irreg­u­lar­ly kept jour­nal of sorts.

Since I start­ed blog­ging and mov­ing my arti­cles to dif­fer­ent sites based on their con­tent, the list of arti­cles on this page has got­ten small­er and small­er. If you’re look­ing for some­thing that used to be here, though, your best bet is to check cynthiaarmistead.com, my offi­cial writ­ing port­fo­lio.


Net Tracking

Online Safety

  • Safe­ty and Online Gift­ing Groups
  • Avoid­ing Online Harassment—a series of arti­cles writ­ten about what I wish peo­ple knew before they had to come to WHOA for help with a harass­ment case:
    • Part One—guest­books and chat rooms
    • Part Two—instant mes­sag­ing pro­grams
    • Part Three—unmod­er­at­ed forums and trolls
  • Meet­ing Peo­ple Online—no, it isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly more dan­ger­ous to meet peo­ple on the net than any oth­er way, but you can’t take infor­ma­tion back after you’ve giv­en it to some­one, so you need to think about what you say about your­self
  • Meet­ing Online Con­tacts Offline—there are safe and unsafe ways to take an online friend­ship into the real world—use your com­mon sense!



Roleplaying Games

Things That Don’t Fit Into Any Other Category



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