Why Have a Site At All?

Or at least, why put such personal information out there on the net for the world to see? I had previously said something on my main page about the net being the greatest vanity press ever invented, and I still think of it that way. It has given an unprecedented number of people not just the ability to publish their material, but to reach vast audiences with it. I originally started creating a home page back in 1995 because I needed to learn HTML to do my job, but I quickly found that having a forum in which to present my thoughts as I please, without editing by or for anyone else, was an addictive experience!

And, really—why wouldn’t I have a web page? Why wouldn’t I be happy to be noticed?

There are plenty of excellent sites that are just links or search engines. There isn’t a need for additional pages that are only collections of links, and therefore I’ve avoided that on my site. Why have a site with no original content?

If you’re going to create content, you have to speak on some subject. Something you do know about. Something you have reason to believe somebody else wants or needs to read. I have written about what I know, from computers or music to my family and life.

I am a very open and honest person. I do not hide anything about who I am. I am careful to conceal some information for safety’s sake, such as precisely where we live. Otherwise, I don’t care who knows about me. My activity on the net, both professional and personal, has always been conducted under my own name and email address with no attempt to conceal my identity. I do not say anything online that I wouldn’t acknowledge publicly. I’m happy with who I am and what I’ve done in my life, and the vast majority of the email I receive from visitors to this site indicates that reading about my experiences has helped some of them in their own lives. That is, in and of itself, a positive result.

It is also therapeutic to write about some issues, such as being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Some issues, such as size acceptance, are important to me personally, and I want to provoke thought regarding them. I am absolutely passionate about the responsibilities we as adults bear with regards to children, so I wrote the parenting page. Sharing information about, for instance, the books and music I enjoy may allow someone else to receive pleasure from the same sources.

In short, this site exists because it helps me and others. If anyone doesn’t like what I publish here, they don’t have to read it. If you do choose to read it I hope you enjoy the experience. If you feel a need to attack me based on what I say here or to twist this information out of context, I hope that someday you will find healing so you can find better pursuits to fill your days.

One thought on “Why Have a Site At All?

  1. High (Cyber) Five..!

    Over the last few years, I’ve caught drifts of that Internet providers were *possibly* thinking of either blocking or, at the very least, really slowing down access to websites based on keywords.. The one I must type of because of experiences within Georgia’s mental health care system would certainly be one of those words thus blocked.. A foggy memory almost wants to say I saw it on a list somewhere..


    It’s that *one* occasional anonymous email we get that tells us we’re doing the *RIGHT THING* by exposing some of the rawest nerves we get in this Life.. Someone out there somewhere is a little stronger today directly because of words we typed last night..

    Cyber hugs.. 🙂

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