Stitching Sites

It seems odd in some ways to find resources relat­ing to old-fash­ioned hand­work on the Inter­net, but then again, every­thing else seems to be here. Here are a few of the craft-relat­ed sites I like:

  • My favorite LNS has turned into my favorite online needle­work shop, Nease’s Needle­work. Susan Nease is won­der­ful­ly help­ful and incred­i­bly knowl­edge­able.
  • Count­ed Cross Stitch, Needle­work, and Stitch­ery Page main­tained by Kath­leen Dyer, a reg­u­lar on rec.crafts.textile.needlework is the best site I’ve found. The news­group is also a mar­velous forum for the few peo­ple who still use Usenet! Thank­ful­ly, it is also acces­si­ble via Google Groups.
  • At one time, DMC was the only kind of floss I would use in my projects. I have pret­ty much every col­or of their stan­dard floss and most of their metal­lic, ray­on and var­ie­gat­ed threads as well–it does make it much eas­i­er to start a project with­out a big shop­ping trip.
  • Kreinik makes most of the metal­lic fibers I use, as well as some fine silk threads.
  • Weeks Dye Works hand over-dye many fibers.
  • Mill Hill makes beads and trea­sures that add a spe­cial touch to projects.
  • I love, love, love work­ing with Waterlilies var­ie­gat­ed silk from The Caron Col­lec­tion. They have cot­tons, blends, spun silk, and oth­er fine fibers as well.
  • Rain­bow Gallery car­ries alpacas, ango­ras, bam­boos, cash­meres, silks, nylons — you name the fiber, they’ve got it.
  • The wood­en fin­ish­ing items from Sud­ber­ry House are gor­geous and easy to work with.
  • Nee­dle in a Haystack were mar­velous­ly help­ful and my order arrived ear­li­er than expect­ed — and that dur­ing the Christ­mas rush!
  • Herrschn­ers has an incred­i­ble selec­tion of sup­plies and pat­terns, includ­ing Anchor floss.
  • The Free Pat­tern Index at has links to their own free­bies as well as quite a few oth­ers. is a won­der­ful resource in gen­er­al.
  • The peo­ple at Nordic Nee­dle are very help­ful, and their cat­a­log is full of beau­ti­ful items that make me want to learn many new tech­niques.

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