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About This Site

(If you want to know more about the author, rather than the site itself, you want this oth­er page.)

This site is run using Word­Press, a mar­velous open-source blog­ging plat­form that func­tions very nice­ly as a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. I use a lot of dif­fer­ent plu­g­ins to extend and cus­tomize WP.

Wow. It’s amaz­ing how much sim­pler this bit is than when I start­ed this site in 1995! I orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed it so I could play—with HTML, with col­ors and pat­terns, and with words—and for a few oth­er rea­sons, as well. It has always changed from time to time as I dis­cov­er new toys or grow tired of old ones. I’ll always be a child at heart, sub­ject to bursts of enthu­si­asm and a ten­den­cy to want to share the the lat­est delights I’ve found with every­one, and hav­ing a web site is a less-annoy­ing way to do that than to be con­stant­ly email­ing all my acquain­tances with URLs and such!

Best Viewed With Any Browser
The site has gone through var­i­ous trends in design, from plain old HTML to frames to tables to CSS and now a CMS. I’ve stayed away from the bleed­ing edge, but I do try to be some­what cog­nizant of stan­dards. I’m still work­ing on ensur­ing acces­si­bil­i­ty through­out the site when using WP, as the XML does­n’t always val­i­date neat­ly even when it looks just fine. It should dis­play prop­er­ly in any mod­ern brows­er, and I’ve used sev­er­al to check the site. Since I cer­tain­ly don’t use every brows­er there is I can’t promise that I’ve suc­ceed­ed, and will have to rely on any­one who has a prob­lem with the site to tell me (just leave me a com­ment, please).

At one time, there was a list of web pub­lish­ing resources here, with some notes about learn­ing to cre­ate web sites. That stuff is just too out­dat­ed for belief, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve either need­ed to refer some­one to them or had any­one men­tion using them. If they’re missed, I’ll con­sid­er updat­ing that stuff and putting it back. I fig­ure there are plen­ty of more knowl­edge­able peo­ple who are hap­py to tell you how to do web pub­lish­ing now, though.


My then-part­ner and I eval­u­at­ed many dif­fer­ent host­ing com­pa­nies a few years back, and set­tled on 1&1. They’ve been very reli­able, and I rec­om­mend them as long as you don’t need much hand-hold­ing.


For many years, Jay Finch was kind enough to host this and the oth­er sites our fam­i­ly has cre­at­ed. We will always be grate­ful to him.

Jim Esten of Web­Dy­nam­ic did a won­der­ful job of writ­ing some CGI scripts used on an ear­li­er ver­sion of the site, and hold­ing my hand through learn­ing enough vocab­u­lary to know how to ask for what I need­ed. (If they don’t work, that’s my fault–after he turned the scripts over to me I start­ed play­ing with them to learn more!) I whole­heart­ed­ly rec­om­mend him if you need any sort of web-relat­ed pro­gram­ming or train­ing.

Site Name

Cyn­thia Armis­tead is the Ene­my of Entropy. She has been Tech­noMom since 1995, when she was the first woman hired for a tech­ni­cal job at Mind­Spring Enter­pris­es and that was the title placed on her busi­ness cards.

What’s this thing about being per­verse?

A few of the words my the­saurus (thank you, Houghton Mif­flin) sug­gests for “per­ver­si­ty” are bull­head­ed­ness, dogged­ness, hard­head­ed­ness, obsti­na­cy, per­ti­na­cious­ness, per­ti­nac­i­ty, tenac­i­ty, wil­ful­ness.

Yep, that’s me. I am, in fact, absolute­ly unmove­able when I know that I am right. It does­n’t mat­ter how many peo­ple dis­agree with me, how much it costs me, or how dif­fi­cult my life is as a result — I do not back down.

It isn’t that I’m not open to new infor­ma­tion or oth­ers’ input. But I will not hide the truth as I know it. As you might imag­ine, I don’t play office or school pol­i­tics. On the oth­er hand, peo­ple usu­al­ly do learn that I’ll tell them the truth, peri­od, whether I like or agree with them or not. The best boss I ever worked for asked me the hard­est ques­tions because he knew I’d always give him a total­ly straight, if unpop­u­lar, answer.

That’s per­ver­si­ty for you, folks. I’m per­verse, to a pur­pose. I was rad­i­cal­ly hon­est long before Mr. Blan­ton set­tled on that title for his fran­chise. Some­how, my main Live­Jour­nal end­ed up being called Pur­pose­ful Per­ver­si­ty a few years back.

So — I’m Tech­noMom, the Ene­my of Entropy, being Pur­pose­ful­ly Per­verse on a screen in front of you.