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About Cyn Armistead

Cyn Armis­tead is Katie’s moth­er, Esther’s Mémé, Rick­’s part­ner, a pro­fes­sion­al geek, and a writer. Katie and Cyn enjoyed a home­school­ing adven­ture until Katie entered col­lege, and they still feel a close affin­i­ty for home edu­ca­tors. She lives in the metro Atlanta, Geor­gia area with Rick and their crit­ters.

She inher­it­ed her dis­taste for all things that don’t work well from her father, Bill Rober­son. In her, it has grown into a habit of impos­ing order on her envi­ron­ment, stop­ping the spread of entropy when­ev­er pos­si­ble and set­ting up sys­tems to spread seren­i­ty. Thus, she became the Ene­my of Entropy. She thanks her moth­er, Dian­na Rober­son (née Goss), for intro­duc­ing her to the world of let­ters, words, and books. Cyn is also the Slay­er of Red Tape Drag­ons, THE Mom­my, and She Who Says What Must Be Said (espe­cial­ly when peo­ple don’t want, but need, to hear it).

She enjoys design­ing and stitch­ing count­ed-thread needle­work, knit­ting, read­ing, singing, col­or­ing, live acoustic music, sci­ence fic­tion and fan­ta­sy, and table­top role­play­ing games. She vol­un­teers with Blue­hair Tech­nol­o­gy, empow­er­ing old­er adults to use today’s tech­nol­o­gy. She and Rick also fos­ter kit­tens who are too young to be adopt­ed for Life­line Ani­mal Project.

Cyn works as a tech­ni­cal sup­port spe­cial­ist for a B2B2C SaaS com­pa­ny. Detailed infor­ma­tion about Cyn­thi­a’s work out­side the home may be found on her resume. She also has a few writ­ing sam­ples avail­able.

Some­day she’ll write an actu­al bio­graph­i­cal entry, but for now, she wants to make it eas­i­er for old friends to find her by men­tion­ing the names she has lived and worked under through­out her life. Her fam­i­ly called her Cindy, so real­ly, real­ly old friends know her as Cindy Rober­son (and she does­n’t answer to Cindy oth­er­wise). Her first hus­band was high-school sweet­heart Scott Allen Hall, so she was known as Cindy or Cyn­thia Hall for a short time. Hus­band num­ber two and father of her daugh­ter Katie was the late Wayne Armis­tead, from whence came her cur­rent last name. She was briefly mar­ried to Paul Smath­ers and known dur­ing that time as Cyn­thia Smath­ers or Cyn­thia Armis­tead-Smath­ers. She was Sam Chup­p’s life part­ner for 14 years. She was born in Gads­den, Alaba­ma but large­ly grew up in Atlanta, Geor­gia and has spent most of her life as an Atlantan oth­er than a brief sojourn in Dublin, Geor­gia.

Online, she’s been Tech­noMom since 1995. When she was on AOL, she went by Cyn­thia­Lyn, FlameOpal, or TLA­Cyn (Tech Live Advi­sor Cyn). She also had a screen name for use in the Home­work Help forums, but isn’t absolute­ly cer­tain of what it was—maybe Prof­Cyn? Teach­Cyn? She’s the same per­son online and offline, under any name or han­dle.

She enjoys hear­ing from friend­ly peo­ple, so please leave com­ments or use the con­tact form.