I was going to post a link to a speech about polyamory giv­en by valerie_white at the Bed­ford Lyceum. As I was read­ing it more close­ly than I did the first time, I was sur­prised to find myself read­ing my own words! I’d com­plete­ly for­got­ten that Valerie had asked my per­mis­sion to quote a post I’d […]

About Depression

Peo­ple who haven’t expe­ri­enced seri­ous clin­i­cal depres­sion are sel­dom able to under­stand how dif­fer­ent it is from “being down” or “the blues,” those dips every adult human has felt at some point. They’re often judg­men­tal, and see those who are severe­ly depressed as being of weak char­ac­ter. I’ve had one such per­son apol­o­gize to me for […]


Brezs­ny’s words to Scor­pios for this week: SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “At the inner­most core of all lone­li­ness is a deep and pow­er­ful yearn­ing for union with one’s lost self,” wrote Irish play­wright Bren­dan Fran­cis Behan. Let these words serve as your guid­ing light in the com­ing weeks, Scor­pio. They should inspire you to be brave […]

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