I was going to post a link to a speech about polyamory given by valerie_white at the Bedford Lyceum. As I was reading it more closely than I did the first time, I was surprised to find myself reading my own words!

I’d completely forgotten that Valerie had asked my permission to quote a post I’d sent to the UUPA list way back in May 2002.

I want affirmation of polyamory in the UUA. I want [my poly family] to be treated precisely the same as a monogamous couple would be in terms of how much of my relationships can be shared with my spiritual community. I want to be able to stand up during Joys & Concerns and say “This is our lover J, who is here to visit us for a week. We only get to see her every couple of months, so this is a very joyous time for us.” I want to see 4 or 5 parents with their infant at a child dedication service. I want to see commitment ceremonies announced and greeted with the same sharing of joy we usually see reserved for weddings. I want to have my lover be my maid of honor or best man at my wedding and not hide the relationship. I want responsible non-monogamy included in the Our Whole Lives curriculum and addressed just as fully and affirmingly as monogamous relationships or celibacy. I don’t want to have any questions regarding whether a particular UUA congregation is going to be fully affirming of GLBT OR poly people and relationships. And I do not honestly think that’s too much to ask, even if it will take along time to get there.

I’m inordinately tickled about the quote.

But—the main point here was supposed to be her speech. I encourage you to read it whether you’re polyamorous or not. It’s a very good piece about polyamory and the experiences of poly people in general.

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