Meme: Have You Ever…

mfree posted this one, and I was bored so I’ll do it, too.

fallen for your best friend? Yep, I did that repeatedly in middle and high school. Never got anywhere, probably because the best friends never had a clue that it had happened.
made out with JUST a friend? Yes. It wasn’t so great.
been rejected? Yes
been in love? Yes
been in lust? Yes
used someone? I don’t think so, but I suppose there may be someone out there who feels that I used him or her.
been used? Yes
cheated on someone? No
been cheated on? Yes
done something you regret? Certainly.

touched? sambear
hugged? sambear
kissed? sambear (do you see a theme here?)
instant messaged? goddessinga, hoping she was on but invisible—I haven’t gotten an answer, though.
yelled at? Mica (one of the kittens)
laughed with? sambear
had a crush on? That would be telling!
broke your heart?

color your hair? Yes.
have tattoos? No
piercings? Just one hole in each earlobe right now. I’ve had other piercings in the past but I’ve allowed them to close.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Yes.
own a webcam? We have one. It isn’t hooked up at the moment, but we do have one.
ever get off the damn computer? Yes.
sprechen sie deutsche? Nein
habla espanol? No (same in Spanish and English, isn’t it?)

considered a life of crime? Not really.
considered being a hooker? Not seriously, or the previous answer would have to be yes, wouldn’t it?
considered being a pimp? No.
psycho? Um, I don’t think so.
obsessive? I can be.
obsessive compulsive? Officially diagnosed, even.
panic? I’ve never had a panic attack except as part of a bad reaction to medication.
anxiety? Sometimes. Not at the moment.
depressed? Yes
suicidal? Not at the moment, but I did try very seriously to commit suicide back in 1988.
if you could be anywhere, where would you be? At home with all my sweeties, family & family of choice
what would you be doing? Enjoying their company
what are you listening to? Fountain, kitties, PCs humming away

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