It is just too bloody hot. I couldn’t sleep last night and it’s too danged hot to sleep again tonight. I do not enjoy summer weather.

Tired Now

I had a pain doctor appointment last week but wasn’t up to going. So Sam rescheduled it for me, and I headed across town today. Apparently, this was the day for “fitting in” everybody who has canceled an appointment in…


How do you crack a rib without even knowing it? Damn. At least, we think that’s what’s wrong. And it isn’t going any magically, dangit! I guess I have to go to the doctor 🙁

It Burns!

I was reading Eileen Wilks’ novel Tempting Danger and mostly enjoying it, until I hit one of the sex scenes. And then, she wrote something like, “This time adagio, rather than fortissimo.” There wasn’t one editor or proofreader with any…

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