It Is the Flu

And now I have it, too. Damn it. I had tried to get back to blogging daily, but good intentions just didn’t hold a candle against the entire household coming down with the flu.1Kioshi isn’t infected, but he isn’t very helpful at the best of times.

For some reason, I thought Tamiflu was a one or two-pill affair, but I suppose I had it confused with one of the other antivirals. I have to take this for ten days! And apparently, it gives quite a few people stomach flu symptoms on top of the misery they’re already in or trying to avoid. Happily, that isn’t happening to me so far.

I’m not feeling very chatty, though. So I think I’m going to curl up with the new delivery of mailbox books from the library and apply myself to some brainless reading. Anything that requires brain will have to be sent back and requested again some other time because I won’t be able to appreciate it. (I admitted that I was sick when I kept re-reading the same few pages of Halting State with absolutely no trace of comprehension.) Now I wish I’d made different selections!

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One thought on “It Is the Flu

  1. Ohh…that really sucks…especially when you are living with other people who are sick…it’s as if you know that it is only a matter of time before you catch whatever it is that they have…lol

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