Oh. That Would Do It! (That Problem With Posting to LJ)

I’ve tried all the dif­fer­ent plu­g­ins that claim to work with Word­Press for cross-post­ing to Live­Jour­nal, but recent­ly I’ve got­ten errors from every­thing. I’ve asked for help from the authors in their forums and noth­ing seemed to be hap­pen­ing. And then I saw this: Banned Because of Live+Press’ Bad Behav­ior. That’s from the cur­rent main­tain­er of Live+Press, the plu­g­in I’ve had the best luck with overall.

I have no idea how to go about con­tact­ing Live­Jour­nal to find out if our IP is banned or not. I sup­pose it would be our web server’s IP, rather than our con­nec­tion IP, any­way. I know that our con­nec­tion IP isn’t banned, because I can post man­u­al­ly. I just can’t seem to post auto­mat­i­cal­ly. We’ll see if the plu­g­in can post or not, or if I still get an error message.

ETA: Well, I did­n’t get an error mes­sage, but the post did­n’t show up on LJ either. So I don’t know if I’m banned or not. There’s a cus­tom field show­ing up now, though, and that’s where the error went. Same old error: -32301 : trans­port error — HTTP sta­tus code was not 200 I guess I’ll dis­able the plu­g­in again and wait a while longer. My oth­er option is to rebuild this blog com­plete­ly from scratch and try one of the oth­er plu­g­ins that seem to be work­ing for oth­er people.

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