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lit­tle­fire­fae and real_pochacco’s Guardian ad Litem is sup­posed to be here at 4pm to look over the house. I sup­pose she’s just going to make sure that we have bed­rooms and indoor plumb­ing and food in the kitchen and so on—this isn’t a home study.

shad­owkatt is at a class, and sam­bear is run­ning errands dur­ing it. He rebuilt one of the machines last night, installing Win­dows XP Pro. Now I’m try­ing to con­vince it to join the Win­dows NT domain that we run via Sam­ba. Appar­ent­ly, that requires futz­ing with the reg­istry. Ick.

I do love being able to lis­ten to MP3s on the stereo. I’m think­ing we need to put a nice sound­card in one of the ancient machines and just use it as a juke­box. We have to send the loan­er PC home this week. It’s been good hav­ing three use­able ones around. I’m hop­ing we can get two more somehow—maybe when my finan­cial aid comes through I can swing a lap­top to use for school.

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