I don’t give a flip about the NBA or its play­offs, but this item was post­ed on MeFi and I loved it:

GAL Visit & Geekery

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lit­tle­fire­fae and real_pochacco’s Guardian ad Litem is sup­posed to be here at 4pm to look over the house. I sup­pose she’s just going to make sure that we have bed­rooms and indoor plumb­ing and food in the kitchen and so…

Young Wizards Series Recognized!

It’s no secret that I adore Diane Duane’s Young Wiz­ards, Cat Wiz­ards, and Door series. I think this award is very well-deserved! (Tak­en from Diane’s blog) So the mail arrives. Cred­it card bill, junk mail, satel­lite view­ing card. And this:…


Funda­men­tal­ism means stick­ing strict­ly to the script, which in turn means being deeply fear­ful of the impro­vised, ambigu­ous, or indeterminate…Since writ­ing is mean­ing that can be han­dled by any­body, any time, it is always pro­fane and promis­cu­ous. Mean­ing that has…

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