Quiet New Year’s Eve

I wrote a post Mon­day night and nev­er got around to actu­al­ly post­ing it, so I’m reusing some of it. I haven’t got­ten much stitch­ing done in the last few days, but I have worked to reclaim the dam­aged piece and scanned some more things to update the fin­ished projects and WIP sec­tions. I’ve also begun […]

Finished Needlework Page

I updat­ed my Fin­ished Projects page with pic­tures of some of my stitched pieces. I also tried to remem­ber as many as pos­si­ble of the pieces I’ve ever done. There are more of them than I thought, and I know I’m still miss­ing some. The lack of a decent dig­i­tal cam­era is a nui­sance! Cur­rent Mood: […]


Looky! CYLearning.org CyLearning.Org is a web­site ded­i­cat­ed to gath­er­ing in one place all the mate­ri­als, links, and ref­er­ences that can be used to home school stu­dents using Palm hand­helds with a cyber­net­ic the­o­ry of learn­ing approach. We watched X‑2, which was pret­ty good. sam­bear had also rent­ed Risky Busi­ness, because I’d nev­er seen it. I’m […]

Yule Celebration

We have shad­owkatt back! Okay, it’s just until tomor­row, when she’ll be going to vis­it more fam­i­ly, but we’ve got her, so she got her presents. She’s play­ing Final Fan­ta­sy X‑2 now—the game that came with her new Playsta­tion 2. sam­bear is kib­b­itz­ing. I seem to be miss­ing some gene that allows one to follow […]

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