Yule Celebration

We have shad­owkatt back! Okay, it’s just until tomor­row, when she’ll be going to vis­it more fam­i­ly, but we’ve got her, so she got her presents.

She’s play­ing Final Fan­ta­sy X‑2 now—the game that came with her new Playsta­tion 2. sam­bear is kib­b­itz­ing. I seem to be miss­ing some gene that allows one to fol­low the plot of such games—it just seems like weird ani­me to me. She’s quite hap­py, and that’s what matters.

We weren’t able to find Final Fan­ta­sy XI, but we’ll keep look­ing (appar­ent­ly it isn’t out yet). She’s look­ing for­ward to play­ing online. We were won­der­ing how well the wire­less con­trollers work, too.

So far she’s got­ten books and games and puz­zles and clothes and jew­el­ry and a new latch-hook kit (yes, ga_sunshine, she’s still enjoy­ing that, thanks to you!). Good­ness knows what she’ll bring home from vis­it­ing the oth­er side of the fam­i­ly. It’s a darned good thing she’s done lots of declut­ter­ing, but I still don’t know where every­thing is going to go!

If we ever get a chance at the TV tonight, I’m hop­ing to start watch­ing the Fire­fly DVD set sam­bear and I got. I’m try­ing to be patient. I’m not a ter­ri­bly patient per­son. It’s worth wait­ing to see Katie enjoy­ing her­self so much, though 🙂

Sam got a strap for his gui­tar and a fin­ger exer­cis­er that’s sup­posed to help him play bet­ter, too. I’m look­ing for­ward to more music at home!

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