Yule Celebration

We have shadowkatt back! Okay, it’s just until tomorrow, when she’ll be going to visit more family, but we’ve got her, so she got her presents.

She’s playing Final Fantasy X-2 now—the game that came with her new Playstation 2. sambear is kibbitzing. I seem to be missing some gene that allows one to follow the plot of such games—it just seems like weird anime to me. She’s quite happy, and that’s what matters.

We weren’t able to find Final Fantasy XI, but we’ll keep looking (apparently it isn’t out yet). She’s looking forward to playing online. We were wondering how well the wireless controllers work, too.

So far she’s gotten books and games and puzzles and clothes and jewelry and a new latch-hook kit (yes, ga_sunshine, she’s still enjoying that, thanks to you!). Goodness knows what she’ll bring home from visiting the other side of the family. It’s a darned good thing she’s done lots of decluttering, but I still don’t know where everything is going to go!

If we ever get a chance at the TV tonight, I’m hoping to start watching the Firefly DVD set sambear and I got. I’m trying to be patient. I’m not a terribly patient person. It’s worth waiting to see Katie enjoying herself so much, though 🙂

Sam got a strap for his guitar and a finger exerciser that’s supposed to help him play better, too. I’m looking forward to more music at home!

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