Poem: Gifts

Gifts Kirk Wil­son I kept my life in a small room with pale blue walls and brought it back lit­tle presents from the world This is for you I would say This is for you Some­times the gifts died in my hands and often I could not pay the price of their redemp­tion I could nev­er be sure they were appre­ci­at­ed or how much they wanted […]

The Parable of the Shower

The Para­ble of the Show­er by Leah Bobet is an absolute­ly hilar­i­ous short sto­ry. The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the show­er at the worst pos­si­ble moment: one hand placed upon thy right but­tock and the oth­er bear­ing soap, radio blar­ing, hum­ming a hea­then song of sin. Thanks to Sarah Mon­ette for the heads-up!

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