Chronic Pain and Memory

This is a fas­ci­nat­ing arti­cle with excel­lent sources. Chron­ic pain is ter­ri­ble. A new way of under­stand­ing it may help. The past two cen­turies have pro­duced a cas­cade of life-alter­ing advances in med­i­cine, yet we have been unable to deal with…

Pain Stigma

Those of us who suf­fer chron­ic pain face a great deal of stig­ma. This paper address­es that stig­ma. Pain, objec­tiv­i­ty and his­to­ry: under­stand­ing pain stigma 

How Chronic Pain Leads to Anxiety and Depression

Neuronal plas­tic­i­ty in chron­ic pain-induced anx­i­ety revealed Hokkai­do Uni­ver­si­ty researchers have shown how chron­ic pain leads to mal­adap­tive anx­i­ety in mice, with impli­ca­tions for treat­ment of chron­ic pain-relat­ed psy­chi­atric dis­or­ders in humans. Chron­ic pain is per­sis­tent and inescapable, and can…

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