I’m a Mémé!

My grand­ba­by has arrived! So we’re short on sleep, but long on love and joy! Mov­ing up here, the new baby and asso­ci­at­ed sleep loss, change in gen­er­al — they all lead to increased pain. I don’t take any nar­cot­ic pain med­ica­tions any­more because the opi­ates just did­n’t pro­vide enough relief to be worth the has­sle of […]


We have noth­ing to do tonight. Not a thing. Nada. Zilch. That is an unbe­liev­able relief! Katie has had four nights of dance every week since the fall. We’re all ready for a break! We’re going to have piz­za, laze around, maybe watch movies. Katie and I watched Dirty Danc­ing last night, so she’s con­tin­u­ing with Dirty […]


I missed a doc­tor’s appoint­ment this morning—one of those that it has tak­en MONTHS to get. I’m not hap­py. I just could­n’t wake up, though. Sam roused me long enough to get meds into me this morn­ing. I fell asleep again, though, and for the sec­ond day in a row I end­ed up in a hypnagogic […]

So What Do They Learn From a Sleep Study if You Don’t Sleep?

I got *maybe* two hours of sleep all Thurs­day night. That was ver­i­fied by the mon­i­tor­ing tech. In fact, he came into the room around 3:30 and said, “Are you ever going to go to sleep?” Of course, I was try­ing.  They said I have sleep apnea, which is no big sur­prise. I’ll be going back […]


You know that man­i­cure I got a few weeks back? Now I’m try­ing to get the acrylic over­lay off my nails. Ick. Katie and I have sleep stud­ies tonight. I just got around to real­ly read­ing some of the instruc­tions, and we have to remove our nail pol­ish (from toes and fin­gers) for the oxygen […]


I woke up on my own today—FEELING RESTED! I can­not remem­ber the last time that hap­pened. Just feel­ing rest­ed is some­thing of a mir­a­cle. Okay, I did wake after 11 am, and that does fol­low two nights and most of yes­ter­day in bed. But I’ll take it! Unlike my nor­mal pat­tern, I’m going to take it […]

My Hero

I did­n’t sleep at all last night, and woke sam­bear this morn­ing cry­ing in pain. He gal­lant­ly got med­i­cine into me, then took a half-day off to get Katie to an appoint­ment that could­n’t be resched­uled and take care of me. I could­n’t even find my glass­es this morn­ing, and my con­tacts weren’t coop­er­at­ing, so I spent […]

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