You know that manicure I got a few weeks back? Now I’m trying to get the acrylic overlay off my nails. Ick.

Katie and I have sleep studies tonight. I just got around to really reading some of the instructions, and we have to remove our nail polish (from toes and fingers) for the oxygen monitor. When Katie was born, I had acrylic nail tips. They took off the polish, then said, “Um, we can’t see the color.” They used a toe instead.

We’ll be leaving here before long, then we’ll try to sleep (separately) in a strange place. I don’t sleep well without Sam or anywhere but our bed, so I’m not sure I *will* sleep. We can’t take any of our normal sleepy meds, either.

We have to stay all day tomorrow, too. They’ll have us take naps at specific times, monitoring us again.

I’ve got several stitching projects and books. Katie has her own bag of tricks. We won’t have net access, but the laptops will play DVDs (curiousmay9 is loaning Katie her PC for the day). We’ll probably each have a stack of DVDs. We’ve also taking a quilt and pillow each to make the beds a little more home-like. If Katie could smuggle Shelley in, I’m sure she’d do so.

I figure we’ll have to turn off our cell phones, too, with all that monitoring stuff.

What am I forgetting? I know there’s something.

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