So What Do They Learn From a Sleep Study if You Don’t Sleep?

I got *maybe* two hours of sleep all Thurs­day night. That was ver­i­fied by the mon­i­tor­ing tech. In fact, he came into the room around 3:30 and said, “Are you ever going to go to sleep?”

Of course, I was trying. 

They said I have sleep apnea, which is no big sur­prise. I’ll be going back for anoth­er night at some point to be fit­ted for a CPAP thing. If that does­n’t resolve my sleep prob­lems (and I fear it won’t), they’ll do yet anoth­er study.1I’ve got to get off the sleep med I’m on. At some point between the time I start­ed tak­ing it a few years ago and now, it’s been found to great­ly increase the chances of devel­op­ing dia­betes. It isn’t sup­posed to be giv­en to any­one who is obese or has a fam­i­ly his­to­ry of dia­betes. I am/have both. With­out it, though, I can’t get to sleep or, if I man­age that, stay asleep. If I’m exhaust­ed enough to sleep, an anom­aly that’s part of fibromyal­gia means that it isn’t rest­ful anyway.

Since they made one diag­no­sis, I did­n’t have to do the mon­i­tored naps on Fri­day. Katie did. She had six 35-minute naps. She was able to sleep dur­ing them, but she was still exhaust­ed when we got home. In fact, she put her­self to bed ear­ly last night. She got up late this morn­ing, ate, and went back to sleep for sev­er­al hours. I slept ’til about 2 pm!

We won’t get the full tests back for a week or two.

It was nice to spend the day with my girl. I stitched and we watched a ridicu­lous num­ber of DVDs. I fin­ished one 3″ x 3″ Christ­mas design and did all of another. 

I’m 2/3 of the way through the first sea­son of 24. It’s incred­i­ble, but by the end of the 16th episode, the con­stant ten­sion was wear­ing a bit. I also object to the whole idea of trau­mat­ic amne­sia as a plot device.

I’ve had to can­cel a date with curiousmay9 tonight, because I don’t feel up to going out. 

Sam and I did have a nice game last night. He’s putting my desk togeth­er now because he’s such a sweetie.

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