So What Do They Learn From a Sleep Study if You Don’t Sleep?

I got *maybe* two hours of sleep all Thursday night. That was verified by the monitoring tech. In fact, he came into the room around 3:30 and said, “Are you ever going to go to sleep?”

Of course, I was trying.

They said I have sleep apnea, which is no big surprise. I’ll be going back for another night at some point to be fitted for a CPAP thing. If that doesn’t resolve my sleep problems (and I fear it won’t), they’ll do yet another study.1I’ve got to get off the sleep med I’m on. At some point between the time I started taking it a few years ago and now, it’s been found to greatly increase the chances of developing diabetes. It isn’t supposed to be given to anyone who is obese or has a family history of diabetes. I am/have both. Without it, though, I can’t get to sleep or, if I manage that, stay asleep. If I’m exhausted enough to sleep, an anomaly that’s part of fibromyalgia means that it isn’t restful anyway.

Since they made one diagnosis, I didn’t have to do the monitored naps on Friday. Katie did. She had six 35-minute naps. She was able to sleep during them, but she was still exhausted when we got home. In fact, she put herself to bed early last night. She got up late this morning, ate, and went back to sleep for several hours. I slept ’til about 2 pm!

We won’t get the full tests back for a week or two.

It was nice to spend the day with my girl. I stitched and we watched a ridiculous number of DVDs. I finished one 3″ x 3″ Christmas design and did all of another.

I’m 2/3 of the way through the first season of 24. It’s incredible, but by the end of the 16th episode, the constant tension was wearing a bit. I also object to the whole idea of traumatic amnesia as a plot device.

I’ve had to cancel a date with curiousmay9 tonight, because I don’t feel up to going out.

Sam and I did have a nice game last night. He’s putting my desk together now because he’s such a sweetie.

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