Than­ks to Sam, I’m sit­ting at my love­ly new com­put­er armoire. I have all man­ner of devices con­nect­ed to my USB hub. The cable for down­load­ing pho­tos from my cam­era or putting songs on my MP3 play­er is right here, ready for use. Before the night is done, I’ll have my wire­less key­board and mouse con­nect­ed, too.

Now I need to find a good desk chair and install a light in the cab­i­net. I should prob­a­bly get anoth­er hub or one with more than 4 ports, too.

The light­ing is impor­tant, but I’m not sure how to find what I want. One of those under-counter light strips would be per­fect. I detest flu­o­res­cent light­ing, though. I’ve found do-it-your­self sites that refer to halo­gen strips, but can’t find a ven­dor for them.

curiousmay9 got two pow­er sup­plies for her lap­top, so she could keep one at home and one in the bag to trav­el with her. Now I’m think­ing that would be a very good idea for me, too. I’d rather not fish the cord through the access ports to plug it into the pow­er strip every time I want to use the PC elsewhere.

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