What to Say?

A friend just post­ed one of those “anony­mous con­fes­sion posts,” enabling anony­mous com­ment­ing and dis­abling IP address log­ging. I nev­er have any­thing to say in those threads. I can’t think of any­thing that I would­n’t just say as me. I don’t hon­est­ly care to read any­thing that some­one would­n’t stand behind as them­selves, either. What […]


word­can­dlemage has an impor­tant event hap­pen­ing today. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’m not up to going. sam­bear and shad­owkatt are there to rep­re­sent the fam­i­ly. I’ll rest more, and hope­ful­ly have the ener­gy to do some things around here. Anoth­er nice thing about my desk: my com­put­er charges, and it takes no time at all to unhook it […]


Thanks to Sam, I’m sit­ting at my love­ly new com­put­er armoire. I have all man­ner of devices con­nect­ed to my USB hub. The cable for down­load­ing pho­tos from my cam­era or putting songs on my MP3 play­er is right here, ready for use. Before the night is done, I’ll have my wire­less key­board and mouse […]

So What Do They Learn From a Sleep Study if You Don’t Sleep?

I got *maybe* two hours of sleep all Thurs­day night. That was ver­i­fied by the mon­i­tor­ing tech. In fact, he came into the room around 3:30 and said, “Are you ever going to go to sleep?” Of course, I was try­ing.  They said I have sleep apnea, which is no big sur­prise. I’ll be going back […]


You know that man­i­cure I got a few weeks back? Now I’m try­ing to get the acrylic over­lay off my nails. Ick. Katie and I have sleep stud­ies tonight. I just got around to real­ly read­ing some of the instruc­tions, and we have to remove our nail pol­ish (from toes and fin­gers) for the oxygen […]

More Evidence for What I Know Is True

First: Fibromyal­gia and Chron­ic Fatigue Syn­drome are pret­ty much the same things. Which diag­no­sis an indi­vid­ual gets depends on the doc­tor she sees and whether she com­plains more about the pain or the fatigue. I’ve been diag­nosed with both, but con­sid­er it one DX. I real­ly annoy the fam­i­ly at times, because if some­one tries to […]

That’s Happy

There are lyrics to sup­pos­ed­ly ancient songs at the begin­ning of every chap­ter of Juli­et McKen­na’s The Gam­bler’s For­tune. I was wait­ing in the car for Katie last week, and a melody came to me for one of them. The MP3 play­er I received for Moth­er’s Day is also a voice recorder, so I grabbed it […]


I tell ya, it’s endem­ic around here. Every crit­ter is con­stant­ly want­i­ng to be on the oth­er side of any door that’s closed. It does­n’t mat­ter if it’s an inte­ri­or or exte­ri­or door, bed­room, bath­room, or clos­et door. Closed Doors Are Wrong as far as the four-legged are con­cerned. We’re just fur­ni­ture with thumbs.

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