Thanks, Rob. I Feel Enabled. Poor Readers!

In this week’s newslet­ter, Rob Brezs­ny has this advice for me and oth­er Scor­pios: SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Wide­ly regard­ed as a top mil­i­tary his­to­ri­an, Mar­tin van Crev­eld has writ­ten books that have been influ­en­tial in shap­ing mod­ern the­o­ries of war­fare. The U.S. Army makes his work required read­ing for its offi­cers. That’s why it […]

Favor & Road Trip Report

Any­one local who has some time free this week, would you please drop me a line at Thanks :-) sam­bear, shad­owkatt and I spent that guy’s birth­day in Charleston, and thanks to the most hug­gable and gen­er­ous hlyn­na and pope­fe­lix. We are now the proud own­ers of Uncle Aber­nathy, our very own land yacht. He’s […]

Good PTSD Resource

I’ve just rebuilt this machine, was­n’t online at all yes­ter­day, and haven’t real­ly read many emails late­ly. If I’ve read any­thing on Live­Jour­nal, it’s been a fluke. The fact that I’ve read two dif­fer­ent posts today about child moles­ters is, there­fore, sig­nif­i­cant. I’m a sur­vivor of child abuse, as I know many of you are. Like […]

Atlanta-Area Folks: Star-Gazing at Emory This Friday

From a mail­ing list I’m on. Sounds fun, although I can’t remem­ber what else is hap­pen­ing in our lives this Fri­day. Obvi­ous­ly, it’s open to the pub­lic, or it would­n’t have been sent to the list I’m on :-) Cyn Dear Mem­bers of the Emory Com­mu­ni­ty, You, your fam­i­ly, and friends are cor­dial­ly invit­ed to join members […]

Please Come Over To Raising_Sons

A com­ment exchange with selen­ite led me to final­ly cre­ate some­thing that’s been on my mind for some time: Raising_Sons. There is a real need for resources for boys and their par­ents, alter­na­tives to Boy Scouts, analogs to Daugh­ters, New Moon, Teen Voic­es, and Girl Scouts. I know that there are gen­der dif­fer­ences, and there […]

Poetry: A Scientist’s Acrostic

A Sci­en­tist’s Acros­tic –Jen­nifer Gre­sham From Diary of a Cell Sci­en­tists are like bee­tles Crawl­ing over the earth, anten­nae twitch­ing, In tune with the mys­ter­ies Ein­stein whis­pered under a star-pol­ished Night sky. He chose the celes­tial play­ground by Con­ven­­tion-even log­ic, as bee­tles know, can be Enhanced by beau­ty. Illu­mi­na­tion dawns after years of Scratch­ing through dark leaves, dirt. […]

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