Happy News

You are read­ing the blog of the newest board mem­ber of Grants to You, a won­der­ful non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion based in Prescott, Ari­zona. I’m going to be doing a lot of work involv­ing the web­site and serv­ing on a new com­mit­tee. I’m tick­led pink! In oth­er news, I got to intro­duce some­one to the Dres­den Files today! […]


We were fair­ly sure of this right after I final­ly had my Social Secu­ri­ty hear­ing last month based on the very pos­i­tive state­ments from the judge, but I did­n’t want to jinx any­thing. We got the offi­cial let­ter in the mail today, say­ing that the deci­sion was “ful­ly favor­able!” SQUEE! It will still take some […]

Time Flies

I used to get so annoyed when my moth­er would say, “Twen­ty years from now, nobody will know the dif­fer­ence.” She was wrong in a sense—I cer­tain­ly still know the dif­fer­ence, about so very many things. On the oth­er hand, I do under­stand the longer view much bet­ter now. Twen­ty years seemed like such a […]

I’m Allergic to Our Bedroom

More specif­i­cal­ly (I hope), some­thing in it. Not Sam, hap­pi­ly, but every time I go in there, I’m all stuffed up with­in a few min­utes. We keep that room closed and have a win­dow a/c unit in there because the house a/c just does­n’t keep up so well. I’m won­der­ing if there’s some­thing about the […]

Podcast coming, serendipity

I do apol­o­gize, but my recov­ery has been slow­er than I expect­ed and I’ve had anoth­er trip to the emer­gency room. This one was due to not tak­ing good enough care of myself, as I got dehy­drat­ed and my blood pres­sure got way too low as a result. The pod­cast has been record­ed, though, and […]

It’s funny

…what you can con­sid­er peace­ful. There are a half-dozen teens in the next room with sam­bear play­ing Vam­pire. This is a cozy evening at home for us. I chose not to hide out in the bed­room this time, but to stay in the kitchen at the table, which dou­bles as my “desk.” I need to go […]

Small Joy

Recent­ly, a request for shorts in size 4/5 for the poster’s 13-year-old daugh­ter came to me through a local Freecy­cle list. Minor request, but I don’t think many peo­ple respond to requests. I read them, but am not usu­al­ly able to help. This time we could. shad­owkatt had, in fact, just recent­ly packed a big box […]

Favor & Road Trip Report

Any­one local who has some time free this week, would you please drop me a line at technomom@spamcop.net? Thanks :-) sam­bear, shad­owkatt and I spent that guy’s birth­day in Charleston, and thanks to the most hug­gable and gen­er­ous hlyn­na and pope­fe­lix. We are now the proud own­ers of Uncle Aber­nathy, our very own land yacht. He’s […]

Another Day, Another Doctor

I haven’t been post­ing a lot of per­son­al stuff late­ly, large­ly hop­ing to avoid whing­ing too much about pain and such. I saw the new pain doc today, though, and I real­ly like this prac­tice much bet­ter than the first one. The doc­tor actu­al­ly did an exam! (I did have to gig­gle when he asked if […]

It’s Saturday

sam­bear’s daugh­ter Genevieve is here for a vis­it, which is good. We’ve also been blessed by hav­ing mayre­mi here for the past few days. Def­i­nite­ly good stuff! We’re about to be invad­ed by more teens for a wel­­come-home gam­ing par­ty for Genevieve.  Katie leaves for camp tomor­row. I’ve been rel­a­tive­ly qui­et this week, due to a […]

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