Monday: sick kid, annoying doctors

Katie is under the weath­er, and after I real­ized she’d been exposed to strep throat last week I took her to the doc­tor today. See­ing the doc­tor took far less time than find­ing a doc­tor to see. Her “pri­ma­ry care provider” as des­ig­nat­ed on her insur­ance card was­n’t in her office. No prob­lem, I did­n’t mind […]

Podcast coming, serendipity

I do apol­o­gize, but my recov­ery has been slow­er than I expect­ed and I’ve had anoth­er trip to the emer­gency room. This one was due to not tak­ing good enough care of myself, as I got dehy­drat­ed and my blood pres­sure got way too low as a result. The pod­cast has been record­ed, though, and […]

And Another Thing

(I broke one long entry up into sev­er­al short­er ones since there was­n’t much to relate the items, any­way.) I got a cat­a­log yes­ter­day about “Zen at the Moun­tain Monastery.” I have no idea why I’m on the mail­ing list for a monastery in New York, but it was inter­est­ing. Katie was, of course, intrigued […]

Plant Name

That plant that I liked, but was­n’t will­ing to pay over $30 for? It was a bromeli­ad.  But now I can’t remem­ber a bunch of oth­er plant names, like the fra­grant bush­es Sam picked out today! And we could­n’t find any lemon balm at Pike’s or Home Depot. We did, how­ev­er, find a ground cov­er to […]

So That’s Why I’m Hurting So Much

I just real­ized that I haven’t tak­en any of my meds today. Whoops! I’m tak­ing a break, as Sam has been push­ing me to do for a while now. He’s wash­ing the win­dows out­side, and I’ve been doing more plant­i­ng. Sam and Katie were going to caulk the upstairs win­dows, but my par­ents arrived to […]

Be Warned: More Gushing About Plants, Birds, and Yards

I got absolute­ly filthy yes­ter­day! I can’t remem­ber when I’ve ever been that dirty, with real dirt. Maybe as a lit­tlun mak­ing mud pies? Katie and I were plant­i­ng pret­ties in con­tain­ers and deploy­ing bird­feed­ers. By the time we col­lapsed into chairs on the patio, we had one heck of an audi­ence. The birds were very […]

Busy Tuesday

The van had to go into the shop yes­ter­day. It has a month-old bat­tery, but now it seems the alter­na­tor prob­a­bly needs replac­ing. I asked them to go ahead and do an oil change and do what­ev­er it needs to pass an emis­sions inspec­tion while it’s there. Arrang­ing to get it back and forth twice […]

Self Care

I’ve post­ed fre­quent­ly late­ly, but not so much that’s tru­ly per­son­al. I’m doing a lot of emo­tion­al pro­cess­ing, which is usu­al­ly the case when I’m qui­et like that. I think I’ve just about come to the close of this intense cycle.  A lot of it has to do with drop­ping out of SPSU. I have […]

Happy Easter!

We aren’t cel­e­brat­ing so much as enjoy­ing lots of relax­ation after a very pro­duc­tive Sat­ur­day. There are teens scat­tered across my house in var­i­ous stages of wake­ful­ness, look­ing cute. sam­bear is mak­ing pan­cakes, which will get their atten­tion soon. Much sod was cut yes­ter­day, and the fence posts went up around the back gar­den. The garage […]

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