Happy Easter!

We aren’t cel­e­brat­ing so much as enjoy­ing lots of relax­ation after a very pro­duc­tive Sat­ur­day. There are teens scat­tered across my house in var­i­ous stages of wake­ful­ness, look­ing cute. sam­bear is mak­ing pan­cakes, which will get their atten­tion soon.

Much sod was cut yes­ter­day, and the fence posts went up around the back gar­den. The garage was com­plete­ly emp­tied, with many things tak­en out to the shed and oth­ers put back in bet­ter places. The till­ing isn’t done, and since it looks like we’ll get rain short­ly it will have to wait a few days.

We still have no inten­tion of putting vehi­cles in the garage, but we could have parked the Hybrid inside had we want­ed to do so. Instead, the table saw and oth­er tools can be used easily.

All the books stored on the garage book­shelves came inside dur­ing the move. I’m tak­ing advan­tage of their acces­si­bil­i­ty to go through and put them into Read­er­ware, using a lit­tle Cue­Cat bar­code scan­ner some­one gave me sev­er­al years ago. The process is remark­ably pain­less. I’ve entered more than 500 items so far, with just a few hours of work. 

I’m mov­ing the books back to their shelves as I get them entered. I def­i­nite­ly need many more shelves, so I’m try­ing to fig­ure out where to put more book­cas­es. I think I can fit anoth­er two book­cas­es into the garage with­out feel­ing too crowded.

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