Happy Easter!

We aren’t celebrating so much as enjoying lots of relaxation after a very productive Saturday. There are teens scattered across my house in various stages of wakefulness, looking cute. sambear is making pancakes, which will get their attention soon.

Much sod was cut yesterday, and the fence posts went up around the back garden. The garage was completely emptied, with many things taken out to the shed and others put back in better places. The tilling isn’t done, and since it looks like we’ll get rain shortly it will have to wait a few days.

We still have no intention of putting vehicles in the garage, but we could have parked the Hybrid inside had we wanted to do so. Instead, the table saw and other tools can be used easily.

All the books stored on the garage bookshelves came inside during the move. I’m taking advantage of their accessibility to go through and put them into Readerware, using a little CueCat barcode scanner someone gave me several years ago. The process is remarkably painless. I’ve entered more than 500 items so far, with just a few hours of work.

I’m moving the books back to their shelves as I get them entered. I definitely need many more shelves, so I’m trying to figure out where to put more bookcases. I think I can fit another two bookcases into the garage without feeling too crowded.

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