Just a Relaxing Day

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Sorta. I feel like I haven’t done anything because I’m in lots of pain and therefore not moving around a lot. But while my kitchen needs love, I’ve finished inventorying all the videos (other than the few that are likely…

Asshats? Or Ignorant?

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I’m shopping for bricks to do the walkway at the cottage. We need to find a brick supplier, anyway, for future projects. Boral Bricks has a web site with a nifty little program for planning such projects. Cool, right? I…

Poetry: The Months

The Months –Linda Pastan From The Last Uncle March When the Earl King came to steal away the child in Goethe’s poem, the father said don’t be afraid, it’s just the wind… As if it weren’t the wind that blows…

Self Care

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I’ve posted frequently lately, but not so much that’s truly personal. I’m doing a lot of emotional processing, which is usually the case when I’m quiet like that. I think I’ve just about come to the close of this intense…


According to this abstract, urinary tract infections may be a food-borne illness. Isn’t that a cheery thought? I found it through the Food and Environment Electronic Digest from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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