Just a Relaxing Day

Sor­ta. I feel like I haven’t done any­thing because I’m in lots of pain and there­fore not mov­ing around a lot. But while my kitchen needs love, I’ve fin­ished inven­to­ry­ing all the videos (oth­er than the few that are like­ly hid­ing upstairs).  I’ve had quite a long “meet­ing” with Katie, where­in we went over lots of […]

Asshats? Or Ignorant?

I’m shop­ping for bricks to do the walk­way at the cot­tage. We need to find a brick sup­pli­er, any­way, for future projects. Boral Bricks has a web site with a nifty lit­tle pro­gram for plan­ning such projects. Cool, right? I start­ed to install it. Then my anti-spy­ware pro­gram yelped because the damned thing was trying […]

Poetry: The Months

The Months –Lin­da Pas­tan From The Last Uncle March When the Earl King came to steal away the child in Goethe’s poem, the father said don’t be afraid, it’s just the wind… As if it weren’t the wind that blows away the ten­der frag­ments of this world– left­over leaves in the cor­ners of the gar­den, a Lenten Rose that thought it safe […]

Where Do They Find These People?

We want to move the cable modem. That should be a sim­ple thing, right? We don’t need the jack where it is now. It should­n’t mat­ter where it moves. Well, it isn’t that easy. Lots of talk about taps, split­ters, ampli­fiers, and so on lat­er, the Com­cast guy is final­ly gone. His super­vi­sor is sup­posed to […]

Busy Tuesday

The van had to go into the shop yes­ter­day. It has a month-old bat­tery, but now it seems the alter­na­tor prob­a­bly needs replac­ing. I asked them to go ahead and do an oil change and do what­ev­er it needs to pass an emis­sions inspec­tion while it’s there. Arrang­ing to get it back and forth twice […]

Self Care

I’ve post­ed fre­quent­ly late­ly, but not so much that’s tru­ly per­son­al. I’m doing a lot of emo­tion­al pro­cess­ing, which is usu­al­ly the case when I’m qui­et like that. I think I’ve just about come to the close of this intense cycle.  A lot of it has to do with drop­ping out of SPSU. I have […]

Two Quotes! Coleridge and Mistinguett

A kiss can be a com­ma, a ques­tion mark or an excla­ma­tion point. –Mist­inguett, singer (1875–1956 Read­ers may be divid­ed into four class­es: 1. Sponges, who absorb all that they read and return it in near­ly the same state, only a lit­tle dirt­ied. 2. Sand-glass­es, who retain noth­ing and are con­tent to get through a book […]

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