Busy Tuesday

The van had to go into the shop yesterday. It has a month-old battery, but now it seems the alternator probably needs replacing. I asked them to go ahead and do an oil change and do whatever it needs to pass an emissions inspection while it’s there. Arranging to get it back and forth twice is more trouble than having it gone for several days at once. After it’s back, we’ll be dropping off the truck to have its transmission checked. I’ll be home a lot in the next few days since we’ll have two vehicles for three drivers. That’s fine, as I have plenty to keep me busy!

It was, however, difficult timing. We were scheduled to tour a private school Katie may attend next year, then I had to be in traffic court yesterday afternoon.

Katie and curiousmay9 did the tour while I got the van up to the mechanic. Then they picked me up, we got curiousmay9 back to work, I dropped Katie at a good library at her request, and I went on to traffic court.

I was done in record time—90 minutes from court start ’til I was done. I had to pay the ticket I’d contested, but the fine was only $125 so it wasn’t too bad.

I got the girl and got her home to catch her ride to dance, then ran more errands while I had use of a vehicle. I ended up meeting up with Sam and filling the back of the truck with the live plants I mentioned in my last post.

runbunny got curiousmay9 home, and siliconchef‘s lovely wife joined them for dinner. Unfortunately, I missed it. I had some things that just couldn’t be put off, then I started getting a migraine, which necessitated a stop for rest and serious caffeine ingestion.

As for the school—they both loved it. We’re doing the admissions paperwork now. We haven’t changed our mind about homeschooling being a wonderful thing, but for various reasons, this seems the right choice for our family right now.

The classes are small with an excellent student/teacher ratio. The kids don’t wear uniforms and were scattered around on various comfy chairs and beanbags. Most of them were working on laptops, many also listening to music. Obviously, there’s a very relaxed atmosphere, but they also have excellent academic standards.

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