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I’m still very annoyed with my voice. There’s a fair piece just total­ly miss­ing from the top of my nor­mal range. I’m pret­ty sol­id from an E below mid­dle C up to the G above the tre­ble clef. I can now hit high C again, and even the D above it—but it isn’t a love­ly sound at all. I can usu­al­ly get up to the G above there quite well, and that is com­plete­ly out of the ques­tion right now. (Get­ting up to and past the next C is a far, dis­tant mem­o­ry of the days when I was actu­al­ly singing dai­ly and much younger—I doubt I’ll ever get that part back again.) And I have breaks between my reg­is­ters, which isn’t good at all—the tran­si­tions are real­ly rough.

Ques­tion — what is the C between mid­dle and high C called? In some wind instru­ment con­texts, I’ve heard the C that is one octave above mid­dle C referred to as high C, and the next one up called top C—but that’s very con­fus­ing when you’re accus­tomed to vocal ter­mi­nol­o­gy. Sure­ly there’s some name for that C? I dug out an old music the­o­ry dic­tio­nary from my piano les­son days as well as my copy of The Estelle Liebling Vocal Course and could­n’t find an answer in either book

Any­way, I have an audi­tion Sun­day night. I’m to do two acapel­la songs, one show­ing off my low range, the oth­er my high range. I’m rea­son­ably sure I’m going to use the Man­hat­tan Trans­fer arrange­ment of “Love for Sale” for the high one. It goes from B flat below mid­dle C to the F at the top of the tre­ble clef. sam­bear thinks I should do the Four Bitchin’ Babes song “Break­fast Dish­es” for the oth­er one, but those breaks are awful­ly obvi­ous to me in that right now. I know “Life is Eter­nal” by Car­ly Simon extreme­ly well, since it is one of Katie’s favorite “sing me to sleep” songs, but it isn’t as live­ly. It does hit the very bot­tom of my range, though. And I know it well enough that even if I get real­ly flus­tered, I should­n’t screw it up much or for­get words or any­thing like that.

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