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I’m still very annoyed with my voice. There’s a fair piece just totally missing from the top of my normal range. I’m pretty solid from an E below middle C up to the G above the treble clef. I can now hit high C again, and even the D above it—but it isn’t a lovely sound at all. I can usually get up to the G above there quite well, and that is completely out of the question right now. (Getting up to and past the next C is a far, distant memory of the days when I was actually singing daily and much younger—I doubt I’ll ever get that part back again.) And I have breaks between my registers, which isn’t good at all—the transitions are really rough.

Question – what is the C between middle and high C called? In some wind instrument contexts, I’ve heard the C that is one octave above middle C referred to as high C, and the next one up called top C—but that’s very confusing when you’re accustomed to vocal terminology. Surely there’s some name for that C? I dug out an old music theory dictionary from my piano lesson days as well as my copy of The Estelle Liebling Vocal Course and couldn’t find an answer in either book

Anyway, I have an audition Sunday night. I’m to do two acapella songs, one showing off my low range, the other my high range. I’m reasonably sure I’m going to use the Manhattan Transfer arrangement of “Love for Sale” for the high one. It goes from B flat below middle C to the F at the top of the treble clef. sambear thinks I should do the Four Bitchin’ Babes song “Breakfast Dishes” for the other one, but those breaks are awfully obvious to me in that right now. I know “Life is Eternal” by Carly Simon extremely well, since it is one of Katie’s favorite “sing me to sleep” songs, but it isn’t as lively. It does hit the very bottom of my range, though. And I know it well enough that even if I get really flustered, I shouldn’t screw it up much or forget words or anything like that.

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