Mixed News

Incred­i­ble news: Katie seems to have only got­ten a real­ly mild ver­sion of the cold from hell. She’s tak­ing a decon­ges­tant, but oth­er than being stuffy she feels good. She was able to go bowl­ing and spend time with a friend yes­ter­day and she went to a Girl Scout event this morning.

Good news: I’m final­ly start­ing to feel bet­ter. I have some­thing of a voice, although it’s in bari­tone range and not a love­ly thing by any stan­dard. I still had to sleep propped up on bunch­es of pil­lows and woke up cough­ing when I slipped off of them. I’m still stuffed up, but I don’t think I have a fever any­more. I’m think­ing that the com­bi­na­tion of high rag­weed pollen lev­els (I’m vio­lent­ly aller­gic to rag­weed) and the recent­ly increased stress is why the cold hit me so hard. Blame all the quizzes and sil­ly links on the fact that I haven’t had enough con­cen­tra­tion to write coherently.

Unhap­py: R’s birth­day par­ty was planned for today (his birth­day is tomor­row). Thurs­day we had to call it off because of fear of get­ting lots of oth­er peo­ple sick. The cur­rent plans are to take his clos­est friends some­where tonight to play LAN games or some­thing like that.

Hap­pi­er: G had a friend spend the night again last night, and has been invit­ed to her house tonight. I’m real­ly thrilled that she actu­al­ly seems to have a friend. Finally.

Bren­da braved con­ta­gion last night and came over to vis­it. It was great—we nor­mal­ly have peo­ple over most days of every week­end, and I’m feel­ing very iso­lat­ed! We con­tin­ued our quest to find a con­ve­nient Chi­nese restau­rant with dish­es that suit both of us. Last time we tried a dif­fer­ent one, and while she loved it, the hea­thens put hot pep­pers in my cashew chick­en. The place that does won­der­ful cashew chick­en and crab ran­goons does­n’t do spicy as hot as she likes. So we’ll keep try­ing. We did get her hooked on Fire­fly, though—watched all three episodes. I just did­n’t tell her until after­ward that Joss Whe­don had any­thing to do with it since she hates Buffy 🙂

Cur­rent Mood: 🙂hope­ful
Cur­rent Music: “Blow­ing Win­ter In” — Echo’s Children
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