Mixed News

Incredible news: Katie seems to have only gotten a really mild version of the cold from hell. She’s taking a decongestant, but other than being stuffy she feels good. She was able to go bowling and spend time with a friend yesterday and she went to a Girl Scout event this morning.

Good news: I’m finally starting to feel better. I have something of a voice, although it’s in baritone range and not a lovely thing by any standard. I still had to sleep propped up on bunches of pillows and woke up coughing when I slipped off of them. I’m still stuffed up, but I don’t think I have a fever anymore. I’m thinking that the combination of high ragweed pollen levels (I’m violently allergic to ragweed) and the recently increased stress is why the cold hit me so hard. Blame all the quizzes and silly links on the fact that I haven’t had enough concentration to write coherently.

Unhappy: R’s birthday party was planned for today (his birthday is tomorrow). Thursday we had to call it off because of fear of getting lots of other people sick. The current plans are to take his closest friends somewhere tonight to play LAN games or something like that.

Happier: G had a friend spend the night again last night, and has been invited to her house tonight. I’m really thrilled that she actually seems to have a friend. Finally.

Brenda braved contagion last night and came over to visit. It was great—we normally have people over most days of every weekend, and I’m feeling very isolated! We continued our quest to find a convenient Chinese restaurant with dishes that suit both of us. Last time we tried a different one, and while she loved it, the heathens put hot peppers in my cashew chicken. The place that does wonderful cashew chicken and crab rangoons doesn’t do spicy as hot as she likes. So we’ll keep trying. We did get her hooked on Firefly, though—watched all three episodes. I just didn’t tell her until afterward that Joss Whedon had anything to do with it since she hates Buffy 🙂

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