Too Much Car

I real­ized this week that we sim­ply have too much of a car now.

When we bought Allu­na (my car), one of the main goals was to have a vehi­cle in which all five of us would fit com­fort­ably. Allu­na does that admirably.

How­ev­er, we’re a house­hold of three now. And with the price of gas, dri­ving a car that seats six with­out need is rather sil­ly. I’m still lust­ing after a mini­van in some ways, but that would be utter­ly ridiculous.

Cri­te­ria at the moment:

  • Roomy seat­ing for me and Sam. We are both Very Big Peo­ple. He’s tall, and I’m not short (though I feel that way late­ly), and we’re both very wide. I’ve nev­er encoun­tered a car whose seat­belts I could not use, but some aren’t par­tic­u­lar­ly comfortable.
  • Four doors, not two. I’m not wild about hatch­backs, though I’d con­sid­er one.
  • Safety-I’d like to have a car with side as well as front airbags this time. I found myself look­ing at the safe­ty rat­ings over at CR just now, and small domes­tic mod­els don’t rate very high.
  • Baby seat compatibility—needs to have those anchors for the new infant seats, read­i­ly accessible.
  • Cost is obvi­ous­ly an issue, so I pre­fer to buy a vehi­cle that’s a year or two old rather than a brand-new one.
  • Katie is very fond of hybrids late­ly. I’m quite impressed with the one a friend dri­ves, as well. Low­er oper­at­ing costs would be good, but I’m not sure as to whether or not they have high­er costs upfront, and I’m not sure of maintenance/repair issues.
  • No Hon­das. I object to Hon­da’s pol­i­cy of refus­ing to pro­vide seat belt exten­ders for love or mon­ey, so I won’t do busi­ness with them.
  • I’m think­ing about a small sedan, some­thing like a Maz­da Pro­tegé. Any input from oth­er big people?

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