Too Much Car

I realized this week that we simply have too much of a car now.

When we bought Alluna (my car), one of the main goals was to have a vehicle in which all five of us would fit comfortably. Alluna does that admirably.

However, we’re a household of three now. And with the price of gas, driving a car that seats six without need is rather silly. I’m still lusting after a minivan in some ways, but that would be utterly ridiculous.

Criteria at the moment:

  • Roomy seating for me and Sam. We are both Very Big People. He’s tall, and I’m not short (though I feel that way lately), and we’re both very wide. I’ve never encountered a car whose seatbelts I could not use, but some aren’t particularly comfortable.
  • Four doors, not two. I’m not wild about hatchbacks, though I’d consider one.
  • Safety‐I’d like to have a car with side as well as front airbags this time. I found myself looking at the safety ratings over at CR just now, and small domestic models don’t rate very high.
  • Baby seat compatibility—needs to have those anchors for the new infant seats, readily accessible.
  • Cost is obviously an issue, so I prefer to buy a vehicle that’s a year or two old rather than a brand-new one.
  • Katie is very fond of hybrids lately. I’m quite impressed with the one a friend drives, as well. Lower operating costs would be good, but I’m not sure as to whether or not they have higher costs upfront, and I’m not sure of maintenance/repair issues.
  • No Hondas. I object to Honda’s policy of refusing to provide seat belt extenders for love or money, so I won’t do business with them.
  • I’m thinking about a small sedan, something like a Mazda Protegé. Any input from other big people?

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