What We’ve Done Today

So far today, the office has been cleaned a LOT (thanks largely to sambear). It feels better in every way.

  • The mail station has been set up, the CD-ROMs have been transferred to their new home in a set of rolling drawers, and the old drawers went to Katie’s room to hold her educational software.
  • The laser printer is in its new, more accessible location.
  • The server’s modem is actually hooked up to the phone line (I hope to figure out the whole fax server thing before too long).
  • The router and cable modem are on little shelves that give them room to “breathe,” which should help with their occasional heat issues.
  • The unused cables have been pulled out from behind PCs and desks and put away.
  • The power cords have been rearranged so as to be neater and free up a power strip.
  • All the office supplies have been put away in their designated places in the supply closet.
  • The tower of tiny hardware drawers finally made it to its home inside the supply closet, where it’s accessible without being unsightly (and I sorted everything in it. I still need to label the drawers, though.)
  • The reversible US/world map is actually HANGING UP! I found the clip things that we got for that purpose, which hold it firmly but allow it to be removed, flipped, and hung back up. We hung the neat C-SPAN American Presidents Timeline a while back.
  • The carpet is all nice and clean, which feels good on bare feet.
  • All the papers that are left to sort (not that many anymore) are in the living room with the filling supplies and the two rolling file carts. I will be joining them in that location shortly and finishing the filing.

    shadowkatt re-secured a stray speaker wire in the living room for me before her friend C arrived for a few days visit. I’m much happier without that thing hanging down across the living room window.

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