Fibrant Living: Fight Brain Fog!

Over at Fibrant Liv­ing, I’m talk­ing about ways to fight brain fog. That’s a prob­lem for peo­ple with chron­ic pain, depres­sion, and oth­er dis­or­ders, and I’d love to hear about how some of you deal with it. I’m in a good mood. It’s a love­ly day, I’m learn­ing things, and I’ve got things to look forward […]

The Syndrome Syndrome

My good­ness. I think some­body over at Home on the Strange might have encoun­tered one of those peo­ple who makes life so hard for those of us who real­ly have invis­i­ble dis­abil­i­ties! Go on over and read the com­ic. I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

It Isn’t Karma or Punishment

We did noth­ing, in this or any oth­er life, to deserve ill­ness. We aren’t being pun­ished, nor are health­i­er peo­ple being reward­ed. I’m all for find­ing out about the phys­i­cal and bio­log­i­cal bases of our con­di­tions, as that infor­ma­tion is often a key part of find­ing the right treat­ment and pre­vent­ing relapse.  Look­ing for a […]

Feedback Requested: Ideals Don’t Have to Stop at Death

A friend who still does vol­un­teer work with Freecy­cle men­tioned that some­one asked a ques­tion on the big inter­na­tion­al mod­er­a­tors’ list. Does the orga­ni­za­tion have any­thing set up to hon­or mod­er­a­tors who die? The ques­tion had­n’t been answered offi­cial­ly yet, so she fig­ured I might know. I could only tell her that I’d nev­er heard of […]

Being Open/Available/Attractive?

A dear friend asked about how to improve his chances of meet­ing some­one and said that he does­n’t con­sid­er him­self attrac­tive. I do con­sid­er him attrac­tive. After I wrote and sent the fol­low­ing to him, I real­ized that I need to do a lot of these things myself. sam­bear has said that I don’t meet […]

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