It isn’t karma or punishment

We did noth­ing, in this or any oth­er life, to deserve ill­ness. We aren’t being pun­ished, nor are health­i­er peo­ple being rewarded.

I’m all for find­ing out about the phys­i­cal and bio­log­i­cal bases of our con­di­tions, as that infor­ma­tion is often a key part of find­ing the right treat­ment and pre­vent­ing relapse. 

Look­ing for a cos­mic or spir­i­tu­al cause, though, is a trap. It leads us into a down­ward spi­ral of blame, recrim­i­na­tions, doubt, and fear, with noth­ing pos­i­tive to show for the loss of all that energy.

As dif­fi­cult as it can be, let go. Ill­ness is. We are liv­ing with con­di­tions that cause pain, fatigue, and oth­er prob­lems, not because we’re bad peo­ple, but because the uni­verse is as it is.

The less effort we put into that search, the more ener­gy we have avail­able to enjoy and improve our lives. 

Use your ener­gy to focus on your heal­ing and joy!