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I’ve post­ed fre­quent­ly late­ly, but not so much that’s tru­ly personal.

I’m doing a lot of emo­tion­al pro­cess­ing, which is usu­al­ly the case when I’m qui­et like that. I think I’ve just about come to the close of this intense cycle. 

A lot of it has to do with drop­ping out of SPSU. I have very good rea­sons for it, and it’s the right deci­sion. Emo­tion­al­ly, though, it’s a failure.

I’ve been doing a lot of house stuff that just did­n’t get done while I was sick. My fam­i­ly did an incred­i­ble job of keep­ing things togeth­er, but I’m the pri­ma­ry home­mak­er and there is a dif­fer­ence. It’s good to have a phys­i­cal out­let for the emo­tion­al stuff. 

I get more upset when I’m not total­ly in con­trol of my phys­i­cal envi­ron­ment, so it real­ly is good to be able to take it all up again.

It does­n’t help that I haven’t been tak­ing any of my vitamins/supplements. That’s because I haven’t been using my med box because I did­n’t have the ener­gy to set it up. As a result, I have less ener­gy than I would oth­er­wise, and my nails are sim­ply peel­ing down to the quick. I need to set that up again today.

The plants real­ly cheer me up. I bought a bunch of live plants yes­ter­day to go into the front and back porch con­tain­ers today. Home Depot has a 30% sale on all live plants that ends today, so go if you’re want­i­ng such things! They still have a decent selec­tion, too—or, at least, the Hiram loca­tion does.

I’ve got over 1200 items in the book data­base now! That’s all the down­stairs books except the ones in the mas­ter suite. I aim to fin­ish those and the down­stairs audio/video this week. Then I’ll start upstairs, with Katie’s books. The fact that there aren’t sev­er­al thou­sand books in the garage is a tes­ta­ment to just how much we’ve declut­tered in the last few years. 

Of course, the gam­ing books have hard­ly been touched, and I’m stead­fast­ly avoid­ing think­ing about the stitch­ing books.

I’m seri­ous­ly enjoy­ing the inven­to­ry process. I know, I am such a nerd! But it makes me hap­py to actu­al­ly touch the books and music, and I am an infor­ma­tion pack­rat. The fact that Read­er­ware has a PDA com­po­nent just makes it bet­ter. I need to buy a new SD card, or I won’t have room on my PDA for the data­base. They’ve got­ten pret­ty cheap, though.

This process is remind­ing me of just how much mon­ey most geeks have tied up in var­i­ous sorts of media, and how few of us have any decent account­ing of it. With­out a good inven­to­ry, you’ll have a hard time fil­ing a good homeowner’s/renter’s insur­ance claim. There­fore, I encour­age y’all to do the same! Or hire me to do it, if you’re local. I’m seri­ous­ly think­ing about adding this to the list of ser­vices offered by Jill of All Trades.

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