Online Writing Labs

So any­way, I meant to post about those Online Writ­ing Labs (OWLs) that many col­leges have put online. Their con­tents and qual­i­ty vary wide­ly from one col­lege to the next. They’re intend­ed to help stu­dents write their papers at what­ev­er time they get around to doing them, wher­ev­er they hap­pen to be. Good ones include […]

Neat Resource!

I was brows­ing through a mag­a­zine about writ­ing today and came across an arti­cle about online writ­ing labs (OWLs), sug­gest­ing that writ­ers make use of them as ref­er­ence tools. I was dis­tract­ed, though, by this: Ink, “A Free, Mul­ti­play­er, Online Game for Writ­ing & Com­mu­ni­ty.” Imag­ine that you’re surf­ing the Web and you dis­cov­er a site […]

Writing Wednesday

Today was the resched­uled date for Katie’s writ­ing group, so off we went to one of our favorite book­stores, Charis. Unfortunately—due to the resched­ul­ing, I think—Katie was the only “mem­ber” who showed up. The group is just for high school “wom­yn,” and the only oth­er per­son to attend was the facil­i­ta­tor. As it turns out, […]

From 43 Things: I Want to Go to the Shakespeare Tavern

I’ve been mean­ing to do it for years. I’ve always heard great things about the per­for­mances and the venue. The fact that Sam’s cousin cooks up deli­cious food there is yet anoth­er rea­son to go. I real­ly pre­fer live the­ater – espe­cial­ly for Shake­speare. It’s how He meant for his works to be enjoyed! See more […]


Lin­guists boy­cott Kansas hear­ings on intel­li­gent design of Eng­lish The state board of edu­ca­tion in Kansas plans to hold hear­ings in May on the “intel­li­gent design” the­o­ry of the ori­gin of Eng­lish, which claims that the lan­guage was con­struct­ed in the ear­ly 6th cen­tu­ry by a com­mit­tee of unknown experts guid­ed by a Supreme Grammarian. […]


I sub­scribe to sev­er­al dif­fer­ent “word of the day” lists. Some are tech­ni­cal, like the list. One is from Buzz­whack. Sev­er­al are just “nor­mal” lists. Every time there’s actu­al­ly a new-to-me word on one of them, I get all excit­ed. skookum (SKOO-kuhm) adjec­tive Pow­er­ful; first-rate; impres­sive. [From Chi­nook Jar­gon, from a Chehalis word mean­ing spirit […]

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