Gafilk Songbook?

I know this is sil­ly, but as I cat­a­log our music, I find that we have all the GaFilk song­books but 2003. And yes, it both­ers me that there’s a gap. I don’t sup­pose some­one has a spare they’d donate to the cause?

Video Camera?

This is a first in over a decade of dance lessons: Katie’s stu­dio wants par­ents to tape the girls’ class­es next week as part of the recital prepa­ra­tions. We don’t have a video cam­era. My father has one, but it’s…


I was also giv­en a HUGE bag full of gor­geous clothes yes­ter­day! I haven’t tried all of them on, but it looks as though 99% will fit. I’m not kid­ding when I say huge, either. I have about 4 times…

Cleaning Question

Have any of you ever tried Sev­enth Gen­er­a­tion clean­ing prod­ucts? I’m think­ing about get­ting some of their cit­rus degreas­er to use in the oven. Well, for the maids to use in the oven. I want it cleaned, but I don’t want…

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